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How to make a temporary place for education more inspiring

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Schools can be one of the most inspiring places for children. Here they can unlock their potential and fall in love with learning. However, sometimes the school may need a refurb to get it back to its best. What comes with refurbishments though, are disruptions to a child’s learning. With excess noise and builders roaming the corridors, it can be hard to inspire children during this time.  

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There are currently 500 schools that will be refurbished over the next 10 years in England which could potentially disrupt countless children’s learning. It is estimated that these changes to schools will cost the government more than £11 billion with some of the costs being used temporary learning spaces.  

Within these spaces however, they may feel alien to the children and that could make it hard for them to feel inspired enough to do their work. To help, we’ve put together a list of ways you can get that inspiration back.  

Go bright and cheerful  

Make your temporary space shine by giving it bright and colourful displays. Utilise colourful display boards to get the students attention and fill them with knowledge. The children can then draw inspiration from these and be reminded that they’re here to learn.  

Creating a great display board can also be a fun task for teachers where they’ll enjoy the freedom to express their creativity. They can choose to put information up that they think the children will benefit from.  

Use a variety of furniture  

Filling your temporary space with comfortable furnishings can be make or break for younger children in primary school. Sitting on a cold floor or at the same desk day in day out may leave them feeling restless and unable to properly process what you are teaching them.  A restless child is more likely to disturb the other children too so it’s in your best interest to ensure everyone is comfortable.  

Modernise your temporary education space by opting for unique furniture that they’ll love to use. Create a quiet reading corner filled with beanbags or add a sofa to the room for added comfort when you are explaining something to a child.  

Get your students to help 

If you want your students to feel special each time they enter the room then allow them to aid the design process. Ask them to think of display ideas and then contribute to them. This will help them to feel a sense of pride when they look at the displays which in turn will make them like you as a teacher more.  

With this respect, you will have a greater power to inspire the children going forward and improve their learning.  

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