Wednesday, July 6, 2022
BusinessScotland's first graduate training scheme for digital dentistry announced

Scotland’s first graduate training scheme for digital dentistry announced

FIRST Alba Healthcare recently invested in £250k worth of 3D intra-oral digital scanning technology and announced it will be training two graduates in the use of the technology.

The Medit500 scanners introduced across its business of five dental practices makes First Alba Healthcare the most digitised dental practice in Scotland.

First Alba is now ready to help dental graduates, who have been severely impacted by the pandemic, become familiar with the new more efficient way of creating braces, retainers, bridges and crowns.

Dr Toma
Dr Toma (pictured) will be training the two graduates in the use of the new technology. (C) Advantage PR

Clinical Director of the business, Dr Rami Sarraf, together with his wife and fellow Clinical Director, Dr Ewa Plewa Sarraf, have been at the helm of First Alba Healthcare since 2009.

Beginning with 1,600 registered patients, they now have around 40,000, a mix of NHS and Private, and employ a team of 45 staff and associates.

They have just opened a registration list for more patients and are widening out private provision with a new membership plan.

They also expect to take on up to twenty new staff members in the coming months, across all disciplines – dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, technicians, receptionists and management.

Intra-oral digital scanning brings with it many benefits to patients, including a quicker, more comfortable experience when having appliances, such as braces, made.

The opportunity for the patient to instantly see a full 3D image of their mouth on the monitor can also lead to be a greater understanding by the patient of what is being done to their teeth.

In terms of environmental impact, the new scanning technology carries with it a lower carbon footprint, with appliances able to be manufactured on site.

The amount of clinical waste generated in making appliances is also greatly reduced.

Commenting on the graduate training scheme, and developments within the business, Dr Rami Sarraf said:

“The investment in the scanning technology is a very significant amount of money to spend, but one we were determined to make. 

“Having bought one scanner in 2019 before the pandemic hit, we realised our patients will benefit from this new technology, as well as the two graduates who will be equipped with new skills for their future careers.”

Dr Sarraf explained that he was utilising the talents of his associate, Dr Qais Toma who would deliver the graduate training: “Dr Toma is a leading authority in the field and we are very fortunate to have him on board with this.

“We know that, over the pandemic, dental graduates have missed out on the crucial direct patient experience they gain within practices.”

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