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Bitcoin: 7 Things you can easily Buy with this Digital Coin?

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If you wonder what you can buy using Bitcoin, you have come to the right place. Many would think that Bitcoin is the best option to carry out shady deals and move up with illegitimate things. However, this is not the case; if you own millions in Bitcoin, you can think of buying private jets or even procuring villas and so on. Around 30 percent of the world’s business houses accept Bitcoin; hence, holding these coins to procure something is no big deal. Here, we will look at the seven things you can buy using Bitcoin. Please have a look; for a detailed understanding, visit the site Pattern Trader and get a good view of it.

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1). Cars

As you already know, Tesla man Elon Musk tweeted in public saying that he will accept Bitcoin to sell his cars. However, it remained a limited-time offer as he took it away last May; we see used auto markets accepting the coins. The said market has remained BTC friendly when it comes to payment. Thus, old groups like BitCars in this domain are the first to accept Bitcoin to sell various used cars. So next time you want a car and have Bitcoin, you can buy them.

2). Real Estate

Buying properties with the help of Bitcoin or any other digital coin is also one of the novel ways of using crypto. It is a common choice when you are buying properties in the world. The best example was the Miami-based penthouse sale in the US that came with a whopping 22.4 M USD. It was done with the help of Bitcoin and emerged as the most significant sale done in digital currencies. Several top real estate companies now offer good property deals in Bitcoin. These include C&P, BIthome, and mL, to name a few.

3). Sporting Events Tickets

Many game-changing events keep on happening with the help of Bitcoin. One of these includes sporting events like the NBA tickets that accept Bitcoin for the sale of Bitcoin. We have seen many more NBA investors like Mark Cuban who have collaborated with the platform called BitPay to get the payment for the ticket sale using Bitcoin and other coins. In addition, they give away excellent discounts on their services and products, which they sell out using Bitcoin. So before you check for the current season, we have seen good reviews with the earlier coins.

4). Artwork

Many auctions across the world now deal with Bitcoin and accept the coins. One popular, high-profile auction platform globally known as Phillips based in Hong Kong was the first to sell away Artwork by accepting Bitcoin. It was estimated to have sold the Artwork worth 2.8 M USD using BTC and 4.1 M USD for ETH. The list of galleries is increasing and keeps getting a good amount of money through Bitcoin. Also, in the US, we can see many more auctions taking place worldwide at a whopping cost.

5). Travel

As you see, the travel industry is now opening up in a big way, with the Covid cases going down. Top-level travel agents like Travel and CheapAir are coming to network with top payment platforms that accept money in Bitcoin. These include Expedia and that help many travel groups and companies get their payments using Bitcoin. Also, several hotels accept payment in Bitcoin.

6). Private Jets

Besides buying real estate properties and cars, you also have the option of buying private jets. People with deep pockets always want to fly in their jets, and this is where they can buy these air-based vehicles. Many companies like flyExclusive and BitLux seem to have started accepting Bitcoin and other digital coins. The deal of 100K USD for a flight taking people from Paris to HK is an example of accepting Bitcoin. If you are keen on buying jets with the help of Bitcoin, platforms like Aviatrade can help you a lot.

7). Web Services

Many web-based services are available with Bitcoin. Some known companies like NordVPN and ProtonVPN can help you procure a wide range of web-based services. These include buying cloud storage from companies like Sync and so on. If you are keen on buying them, you can get them by paying in BTC.

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