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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Industrial Doors

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When purchasing industrial doors, developers and property owners must consider some key factors when choosing the most suitable industrial doors for their premises.

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It can undoubtedly help to contact industrial door specialists with comprehensive industry knowledge and product diversity to ensure that you have the best opportunity to understand and identify products on the market suitable for your building and requirements. To fully benefit from the wealth of practical experience that vendors in the sector offer, consider getting in touch with companies such as Hörmann, a leading specialist in industrial doors for commercial and domestic premises across Europe. Choosing the wrong type of doors can be a costly mistake, so it pays to consider many factors before committing.

What to know before you decide

Here is our guide to those essential considerations to ensure that you make the right choice:

Safety and security

Essential for external doors, no matter the value of your building contents, you will want to know that the industrial doors you choose offer an acceptable barrier to unwanted access. The locks, hardware, and door structure must be sufficiently high quality and durable against predators. It is also essential to ensure they meet any additional insurance conditions and fire safety regulations required.

Ease of use

Another essential consideration when choosing whether to install a solid door, shutter or strip curtain is the amount of traffic that it will be required to handle. Suppose you have regular non-foot traffic such as delivery lorries arriving. It is essential that your gates and entry doors are opened and closed easily and quickly, or closure can be automated if required to avoid disruption to traffic flow and improve area safety. Where forklifts or people are entering and leaving buildings regularly, opening and closing mechanisms must be simple to use or automatic to ensure that your property remains secure and environments controlled. Consider using a combination of rolling shutters and grilles, strip curtains and sliding gates depending on the area.


When choosing the most appropriate industrial doors and barriers, how much space and visibility you have to open and close your doors safely is a significant consideration. The footprint required for large gates and doors can make them impractical for many situations. To maximise the working area available, consider rolling shutters on exterior openings, double action doors or strip curtains, especially where temperature and climate control is essential. These allow for optimum movement and travel freedom between areas without delay or disruption as they are mostly self-closing.


Choosing automated or self-closing options that require minimal human effort will help maintain operational speed. High-speed doors are suitable to optimise speedy traffic flow both internally and externally with a choice of vertical or horizontal opening and sectional door or rolling shutter combinations to give industrial door purchasers a wealth of options. Strip curtains or double action doors can be a helpful addition to many working areas to ensure that premises are not compromised by doors remaining open when people forget or work practices make closing after use impractical.


Strip curtains are a cost-effective solution to area segregation, whether to provide climatic control to ensure temperature maintenance and additional heating or cooling costs when the area is subject to heavy traffic volumes. 

Fire Protection 

Smoke-tight and fire-rated sliding doors (tested to DIN4102) manufactured using steel or stainless steel are available for interior and exterior area protection. Fire protective sliding doors should be a key fixture for large or vulnerable premises to ensure occupants can quickly isolate themselves from life-threatening fumes whilst offering fast, unhindered exit for pedestrians or small wheeled equipment. 


Space, practicality and cost feature highly when making the right industrial door design choices, so getting value for money is essential. You need them to be hardwearing, reliable and effective, so asking for advice from experts is always a great idea to ensure you make the right choice.

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