Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Construction workers filmed carrying on with job around parked Tesla in middle of work site

A BIZARRE video shows construction workers carrying on with their job around a parked Tesla in the middle of their work site. 

Ben Wilson captured the moment at a construction site in Glossop, Derbyshire earlier this month.

The video shows the Model Y Tesla sitting stationary in the middle of a worksite while workmen and vehicles continue operating heavy duty machinery around it.

A huge rectangle space of tarmac surrounding the Tesla, which cost from £44,900 new, has been torn up leaving just a small island for the vehicle to sit on. 

Mounds of rocks and rubbles lay scattered around the site whilst a digger can also be seen operating around the area. 

In the background there are multiple vehicles belonging to DP Cold Planing, a company which operates road planer vehicles. 

Ben Wilson shared the video to TikTok on the same day, writing: “The owner of this Tesla is going to be p****d.”

The post has now collected over 280,000 views and more than 2,500 likes.

Hundreds of viewers commented on the clip, leaving jokes at the Tesla owner’s expense.

@AdrianMiah said: “The Tesla is the power pack for the site.”

The tesla parked in the construction site
The Tesla was spotted right in the midst of an active worksite.

@Bit1982smith said: “You can’t park there sir.”

@user4566666 said: “He’s in for a shock.”

@PaulAnthonyMcvay said: “Where’s the car park gone lol.”

@RavenRebel said: “Autopilot gonna have a stroke.” 

@Neilsmith said: “They would be even more p***ed if I’d been in the digger, I’d have left indents all over it.” 

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