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Horrifying CCTV shows fox attacking dog moments after she was let out in garden

A HORRIFYING video shows the moment a fox attacked a dog in a back garden just seconds after she was let out the door.

The incident occurred last Friday night when Josephine Carroll had let her dog Roxy out into the garden to answer nature’s call. 

Josephine had just let jackaranian Roxy outside at their home in County Tipperary and the camera shows the small dog running onto the grass at 9pm. 

A fox then appears in the bottom left of the screen and runs towards Roxy who does not see the fox coming. 

The fox slams into the pooch and then rebounds off the patio before chasing Roxy onto the grass. 

The night-time prowler then takes control of the small pup by mounting the helpless dog who does her best to struggle and get away.

When it seems that the fox has overpowered Roxy, Josephine’s husband Kenny comes rushing from the house screaming and waving his hands to break the pair up.

Kenny, Josephine's husband comes rushing out to scare the fox
Kenny rushes to scare the fox. Credit: Josephine Carroll

Kenny then runs towards the fox, slipping on the mud while catching his footing as the attacking animal finally gets scared off.

Josephine posted the shocking clip to social media on Monday evening, writing: “On Friday night our dog Roxy had gone out to do her business when a fox decided that she looked like a nice meaty treat. 

“Luckily Kenny heard the commotion and got out before she was hurt. 

“We cannot believe she didn’t get injured. 

“Anyway I’m just putting this up here for any of you who have small dogs to be aware that a fox can attack as I never even dreamt it could happen and to make sure to keep a check on them if you are leaving them out at night.”

The post has received over 1,200 shares and comments from shocked viewers.

Edel Odwyer said: “Oh no, I’m petrified of foxes, thank god she’s ok.”

Anne-Marie Wade-Ryan said: “Oh lord that would put the heart cross ways in ya!”

Brendan Ward said: “Vicious.”

Marian Bourke said: “Omg that’s crazy. Never thought a fox would do that. Glad Roxy wasn’t injured.”

Louise Hickey said: “Oh god that’s unreal.” 

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