Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Shocking video shows brazen thugs stealing BMW car part in front of frantic owner

A SHOCKING video shows brazen thugs stealing parts from a BMW right in front of its owner. 

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, witnessed the event from their window and videoed the incident as it happened in Queensbury, Northwest London, earlier this month.

Video shows three hooded men dressed in black appearing to try and steal a catalytic converter from the car while a frantic owner watches from a front window.

One man is shown standing by the house’s front door, often holding the handle to make sure no one was able to interfere.

Another male can be seen walking between the car and the building’s front window.

The neighbour filming claimed there was a third person underneath the vehicle working to remove the part – which apparently took just two minutes to do. 

The woman at the window is shown quickly walking away from the window but before she could do anything the men had already removed the car part. 

The neighbour shared the video to TikTok earlier this month, writing: “Steal the catalyst (sic).” 

The post has now collected more than 490,000 views and over 100 comments from viewers who were shocked by the clip. 

@WillyWonka986 siad: “I can’t believe how brazen he is, he’s just casually walking back and forth.”

The theives working to steal the part
The neighbor claimed the “job” was over in just two minutes.

@Woodendlane said: “B*****ds, go to work.”

@Followme said: “We should have a law to allow the victims to protect their family and property then watch how these scums disappear.”

@user4134405324615 said: “The law must be amended and the penalties for theft lifted, especially in London.”

@Mancaveman(Steve) said: “They should shut down any scrapyards dealing catalytic converters. That way there’d be no market for them.”

Speaking today, the neighbour said: “I screamed at them and called the police but nothing. 

“They said ‘call’, they knew the police would come slowly and they had time to do the job.

“I am afraid because it can happen and the same thing could happen to my car, it is not nice.” 

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