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Zoo leaves viewers stumped after challenging them to guess identity of “glazed bun-looking” object

A ZOO has left members of the public baffled after challenging them to guess the identity of an unusual object.

Blackpool Zoo shared an image online showing the bizarre item that their keepers stumbled across yesterday.

Images show one of the keepers holding a shiny brown object, around 10 inches in length, that features around 11 white hoop-shaped lines across it.

The zoo gave social media users a clue by revealing it was found by ‘Project Elephant‘ keepers.

The mysterious object
The item has baffled viewers.

However, hundreds of viewers were still confused by the unrecognisable object that many said looked like a glazed bun.

Sharing the photograph on Facebook yesterdayvladimir putin

, Blackpool Zoo wrote: “Keepers at Project Elephant have come across this.

“Can anyone take a guess as to what it might be?”

The post has received over almost 600 likes and more than 400 comments from users who were mainly left scratching their heads.

Senga Richardson said: “Looks like a tangled octopus or something.”

Sarah Louise Ramshaw said: “I thought it was some sort of bread roll with icing.”

Jeannie Allred said: “Thought it was a pastry glazed bun at first glance.

“What the elephant would probably like to eat.”

Rebecca Louise Woods said: “I thought it was iced Danish.”

Four hours later, the zoo decided to put people out of their misery by revealing the answer.

They wrote: “If you guessed tooth, you would be right.

Elephant teeth
Elephant teeth.

“Elephants are polyphyodont, which is basically a big fancy word meaning their teeth are continually replaced throughout their lives, generally dropping out every ten years.

“Keepers check our elephants teeth every morning, during their daily health checks, to make sure they’re nice and healthy.”

Elephants have four molars as well as two tusks which are considered teeth.

Molars can weigh up to five pounds each and are shed every ten years or so. 

Elephants are known to use their trunk to lift food up to their mouth to see if its safe before using their precious four molars to chew. 

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