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UncategorizedA brief guide to recent Scottish-US trade developments

A brief guide to recent Scottish-US trade developments

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There has been controversy in recent years surrounding Scotland’s place in the UK. In 2014, Scotland voted against independence from the UK. However, in light of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic – Scottish independence could be back on the table. 

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Scottish independence would bring about drastic changes, some of which include:

  • A border between Scotland and England 
  • Scotland have the option of re-joining the EU
  • Trade deals will be impacted 

However, whether Scotland remains in the UK or not, doesn’t alter their trade deals with other countries, such as the US. Scotland and the US have a relationship secondary to that of the UK. Many Scots travel across the Atlantic on business and stay in serviced accommodation in cities like New York – keeping the open relationship they wish for.  

Changes in Scottish-US trade  

Last year saw Scottish whisky makers jump for joy as the United States suspended punitive duties on single malt whisky imports. The US had hit Scotland with a 25 per cent tariff back in October 2019, significantly affecting the country’s trade. 

Now, however, there is hope that trade between the two countries will continue to be civil and, there is an agreeable end to years of dispute. 

Scottish lamb 

Big news came for Scottish-US trade this year as farmers across Scotland were able to export lamb to the US. President Biden announced that they were to lift the ban on imports of lamb and end the decades of dispute. 

These changes have an incredible impact on many farmers across Scotland as their high-quality lamb will get sampled by many across the US. It’s estimated that over 300 million consumers will have the chance to sample Scottish lamb. 

What does this mean for Scottish-US trading?

The ability to trade Scottish lamb in the US opens up multi-million-pound opportunities within Scotland. It was estimated that £29 million of meat was traded to the US last year. However, with the Scottish lamb trade beginning imminently these numbers could skyrocket very quickly. 

The changes in trading come after a change in consumer demand in the US. As more people are enjoying the meat, the need has increased. What’s more, with Scottish lamb being world-renowned for quality – people want the best. It’s thought that this won’t stop here either. Once Scottish farmers infiltrate the US meat market, demand will only keep increasing. Therefore, better trade deals, more money for Scottish farmers and the Scottish economy. 

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