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“F*** the haters” – Josh Taylor’s fiancée sends defiant message to critics following fight backlash

JOSH Taylor’s fiancée has broken her silence and said “f*** the haters” following backlash over her partner’s controversial win against Jack Catterall.

Danielle Murphy last night defended Taylor and said her family have received “absolutely vile” messages following the fight at The Ovo Hydro in Glasgow on Saturday.

The highly anticipated head-to-head saw Taylor, 31, defend his belts on home soil despite Catterall, 28, showcasing an impressive performance.

Josh Taylor's fiancée Danielle Taylor
Murphy broker her silence last night after the controversial decisions. (C) Danielle Murphy Facebook

Many fans and fellow boxers were shocked that the Tartan Tornado came out on top with the judges’ decision to crown Taylor champ.

Murphy has now said Taylor has been painted out as a “villain” but vowed to always have his back.

The 28-year-old from Prestonpans, East Lothian also said the bout doesn’t take away what he has achieved in such a short amount of time.

Taking to social media, Murphy, who was ring-side supporting Taylor at the weekend, said: “I’m going to say this once and once only.

“I cannot believe what I am seeing online, it is absolutely disgusting what people are saying.

“Half of these people better not preach Be Kind ever again. The messages I have received since the fight are nothing but disgusting.

“Absolutely vile, we do not deserve this. You are playing with people’s mental health.

“I will forever have Josh’s back and will be behind him no matter what.

“Having to see comments like we have after him giving everything to his fans and working so hard for what he has achieved, to then make out he is some sort of villain.

“The way that people have reacted towards Josh, myself and his family is disgraceful.

“True colours have definitely been shown.

“Josh wasn’t on his top form but that doesn’t take anything away from what he has achieved in such a short space of time.

“Always my champ, f*** the haters!”

Josh Taylor and Danielle Murphy
The Taylor family say they have experienced hate messages since the Saturday night bout. (C) Danielle Murphy Facebook

The post has now collected over 1,000 likes and almost two hundreds comments from boxing fans and supporters.

Pat Hoey said: “No need to make it personal to the boxer and their family.

“As for Josh, he’s done some achievement and he didn’t make the decision. Good luck and all the very best to both of you.”

Rachelle Thomson said: “I hope you, Josh and the family are okay, Danielle.

“It’s disgusting what’s being done and said.

“I’m absolutely sick to my stomach at some of the comments being posted, you don’t deserve all this.”

Louise McGowan said: “F*** every single one of them, absolute scumbags. Keep your heads high.”

Lyndi Anderson said: “Personally attacking such a humble and genuine guy is disgusting!

“Like you said, absolutely doesn’t take away the impeccable achievements he has already smashed. Onwards and upwards.”

John Aitken said: “Totally agree Danielle, Josh has done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve all that people are saying, none of you do.

“It is total jealousy from people for what he has achieved.”

Taylor’s sister, Finch Taylor, also took to social media to hit out at critics on Sunday, writing: “Funny to see people who claim to be ‘family’ slating Josh, is this because you didn’t get your signed glove for your charity event?

“Where’s best cuz now.”

The super-lightweight champion’s victory, which saw him get knocked down in the eighth round, is now subject to an investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control.

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