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Scots electrician shocked to stumble across room filled with Nazi memorabilia at customer’s home

A SCOTS electrician got a surprise when he turned up to a customer’s home and found a room covered in Nazi memorabilia. 

George Taylor went into the bedroom at the home in Dennistoun, Glasgow so he could change over plug sockets but was shocked by what he stumbled upon.

The tradesman from Greenock, Inverclyde took images showing the single bedroom covered wall to wall with historical artefacts.

The memorabilia on show in the customer's house
The electrician was shocked to see the memorabilia. Credit: George Taylor/Twitter

Large red flags bearing the swastika have been stuck up on the wall surrounded by various helmets and Nazi armbands.

Several pairs of boots are lined up at the back of the room alongside another Nazi flag while a swastika rug is shown on the floor.

The centre of the room is taken up with a rug bearing the Union Jack flag in a direct contrast to the rest of the interior. 

To the left of the room there are several Nazi officer jackets hanging up.

An Adolf Hitler poster has also been stuck up underneath a shelf in the room.

George posted images of his bizarre discovery on social media yesterday, writing: “Working in a house in Glasgow the day, went into the bedroom to change over the sockets and…”

His post received over 3,000 likes and 738 retweets from social media users.

Hundreds of people left comments after being equally as surprised by the shrine.

The single bedroom at the home
The room has flags bearing the swastika. Credit: George Taylor/Twitter

Dean Ramsay said: “F**k mate, I’ve been in a right few howlers recently but that tops it.”

Steven Duffie said: “Aye haha fitting windows and the guy had a copy of Mein Kampf on his coffee table and some mental flags round about his house.”

Jake Bryan said: “You’d turn straight back around wouldn’t you haha.”

Aldo Masiavelli said: “Did he pay you in reichsmarks fs”

Boban Redondo said: “F*****g hell. I take it you were left the keys or something? Unreal in 2022.”

Petrolhead Biker said: “Worrying that these people live amongst us.”

Adolf Hitler died in a bunker in April 1945 as the Second World War was coming to an end. 

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