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Scots on life-saving mission in Ukraine greeted by Ukrainian soldier asking: “Rangers or Celtic?”

TWO Scots on a life-saving mission in the south of Ukraine were greeted with the age-old question from a Ukrainian soldier: “Rangers or Celtic?”.

Joseph McCarthy, 55, and Gary Taylor, 45, have been in Ukraine for the past three days transporting Ukrainians over the border.

Joseph, from Airth, Falkirk, and Gary, from Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, began the 2,000-mile trip on Friday afternoon and arrived to a welcome from Ukrainian soldiers.

The brave gardeners are using their own money to fund their rescue mission to the war-torn country and plan to sleep in their car or any available B&Bs.

After travelling south towards the country’s largest port city Odessa, the courageous landscapers were stopped at one of many military checkpoints on the way.

A video shows their car being stopped by armed personnel, as a soldier asks: “England?”

They reply: “Scotland.”

Relaxed and laughing at their answer, the soldier says: “Ah, Scotland.

“Show me please your documents, where are you going?”

The landscapers reply: “We are going to Odessa.”

The soldier then asks: “Why to Odessa?”

They reply: “To help people get to the border.

The Scots were stopped at a military checkpoint
The Scots were stopped at a military checkpoint.

“We are running around helping people get to borders.”

Enlightened by their response, the soldier says: “Ah, you’re helping people.

“How many people you help already?”

The Scots replied: “Just the one so far because we only got here yesterday.

“One couple.”

Accepting of their answer, the soldier lightens the mood at the military checkpoint by asking: “Rangers or Celtic?”

The three men then all laugh together before one replies: “I don’t like football.”

The soldier goes on to check their documents and allows them to continue.

The selfless duo were today in the midst of helping another couple get across the border.

The landscapers posted the unlikely encounter to TikTok yesterday, writing simply: “Rangers or Celtic?”

The soldier joked with them asking "Rangers or Celtic?"
The soldier joked with them asking “Rangers or Celtic?”

The post has received over 540,000 views and 32,000 likes online.

Social media users were uplifted by the warm conversation between the men.

@Josephpmolloy said: “Rangers or Celtic, even in the face of what they have been coming towards they can’t be broken.”

@Marthajbradford said: “Rangers or Celtic, absolutely brilliant.

“Stay safe guys.”

@Spursyben77 said: “This made my day.

“Got Covid and this cracked me up.

“If you guys come back through Dover I’ll buy you a Guinness.

“Stay safe.”

@Cathyd090 said: “Legends guys, stay safe.”

And user @Seanpatrick489 added: “Love it brother.

“Stay safe, you are making a huge difference.”

The city of Odessa is said to be a ghost town, barricaded with sandbags, as the Russians edge closer towards the city.

Odessa’s residents have been warned of the possibility of a Russian amphibious landing at any time from the Black Sea.

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