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Shocking CCTV shows brazen yobs hurling bricks at car windscreen on two separate occasions

SHOCKING CCTV footage shows brazen yobs hurling bricks at a car windscreen on two separate occasions.

A resident in Niddrie, Edinburgh captured thugs launching what appears to be bricks at the windscreen of a parked vehicle last week.

One video on Sunday shows a black Golf pull up outside an occupant’s driveway.

As the vehicle slows to a halt, a person emerges from the rear passenger door dressed in a grey hoodie and wearing a black balaclava.

The yob then strolls towards the stationary car and launches, what appears to be a brick, with full force into the front windscreen.

He then turns and scampers back towards the Golf before jumping in and slamming the door shut before the car speeds off.

Another CCTV clip that was recorded on Friday shows two brazen hooligans jogging down the same street.

One of the hooded men then proceeds to launch another large item, which also appears to be a brick, with force onto the parked vehicle.

The car’s windscreen is left completely smashed as the thugs run away back down the street.

One resident shared the footage to TikTok on Monday, writing: “Track these people down!”

The post has now collected over 60,000 views with hundreds of likes and comments from users who were shocked by the footage.

@DHW said: “People don’t do that for nothing.”

@Bye1 said: “The way he calmly walks down the drive lol.”

@user6603877614411 said: “There’s always two sides to things like this.”

@BigBoZo said: “Guy in the black balaclava, guy in the front casually looking with his car licence plate to show, smart people.”

@AndrewWhite said: “That limp wrist throw, maybe a pebble next time.”

Speaking today a local resident said: “There has been a period of several weeks, where young thugs have been ringing door bells, and carrying out low level nuisance on the street.

The thug throwing the cinderblock at the car
The thugs were snapped on CCTV smashing the windscreen on two separate occasions.

“This has gradually escalated to where on Friday two people can be seen running towards a car parked on the street and lobbying a breeze block, into the windscreen and then running away.

“The following evening a grey Volkswagen Golf can be clearly seen brazenly stopping outside our house where a young person runs out of the back and smashes the front windscreen of our car.

“The driver seems to be a woman who looks on. They appear to have no care or fear of being caught.

“The police have the registration number and are carrying out enquires.

“If anyone recognises the car or the perpetrators, we strongly advise them to contact police Scotland so these thugs can be apprehended before they seriously injure someone or cause more wanton destruction.”

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