Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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One in the Same? Majority of Brits think vaping and smoking should be considered differently in legal terms, reveals study.

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When it comes to rules and regulations in the UK, vaping is still a relatively modern concept as compared to smoking cigarettes. Although cigarettes have been around for far longer, vaping provides a newer alternative solution that doesn’t have the same negative health impacts as tobacco does, meaning the two habits differ in nature and functionally. Vaping is the inhaling of a vapour using a vape device, called an e-cigarette. Comparatively, smoking involves inhaling smoke as a result of burning rolled tobacco and other chemicals.

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Some states in America have even imposed significantlystricter bans on vape devices, however, the UK has not endorsed a blanket ban on vaping, instead considering e-cigarettes and other devices an alternative to cigarettes to help quit the habit.

GoSmokeFree.co.uksurveyed 800 people to find out their opinion on smoking and vaping when it comes to legal terminology and regulations. A majority (58%) of survey respondents said they don’t think smoking and vaping should be considered the same thing legally. Considering more than half (53%) of people said they know how vaping works, this perhaps indicates that they know the fundamental differences between vapes and cigarettes.

Additionally, more than 1 in 3 (37%) respondents said they think vaping should be made available on the NHS. This may be due to the fact that evidence points towards vaping being used as a method to help people quit smoking, therefore, it could be considered a health benefit as compared to cigarettes. By decreasing smoking rates, it could have a larger effect on society as a whole by positively affecting a range of other factors. These may include things like: smoking-related hospital admissions, as well as funds dedicated by the government to relieve issues linked to tobacco use across the UK.

Speaking of these funds, more than half (59%) of survey respondents said they had no idea that the cost of smoking to the UK government is approximately £12.6 billion per year. This consists of funds specially dedicated to the NHS to help support and assist smoking-related issues. If this amount was decreased, it could mean more money allocated to other causes in communities across the country.

In fact, due to the increased burden that smoking places on the NHS, more than half (56%) of people said they think those who smoke should pay more tax charges. Already, cigarette smokers contribute a significant portion of tax costs due to the increasing price, however, it appears many people think this isn’t enough to deter the habit.

Moreover, over half (59%) of people said they think vaping products should be free of tax charges in order to encourage people to switch their habits from cigarette smoking. Of course, many people are swayed towards factors that save them money in the long run and vaping is a habit that could help do so. In fact, the survey asked ex-smokers who have since switched to vaping how much money they have saved since kicking the cigarette habit. This discovered that on average, they saved 108 GBP per month since starting to vape and quitting tobacco use.

And it appears people are putting these savings to good use: more than half of those who have saved money since switching from smoking to vaping said they’ve put the extra cash in the bank. Considering the tumultuous financial situation many people have been in since the start of the pandemic, this is a saving habit that would be beneficial in the long run, in case of emergencies. Moreover, over 1 in 10 (13%) people said they spent these savings on buying new clothing – presumably after spending months in lockdown wearing loungewear. And 11% have been spending these savings on socialisingwith friends while another 11% said they’ve allocated it towards new electronics. Lastly, 3% of people said they bought new beauty products.

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