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Playing strategy on the online slots

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Properly chosen strategy game behaviour – a direct way to beat the one-armed bandit. Throughout the history of this kind of the slot machine has been invented an incredible number of tricks, tactics, myths and schemes of interaction. Some of them are helpful to apply in practice, some – do not take seriously. It should be understood that there is no universal strategy for playing one-armed bandits; they all just help control the bankroll in Yoju.

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The tactic “Swing.”

The name obtained by the strategy game on a one-armed bandit because every contest rate changes from the lowest to the highest. The method is quite expensive because at low stakes can fall combination that does not pay off the previous stakes, and at high – not even get the cheapest chain. Nevertheless, for some one-armed bandits, this method can be profitable.

Martingale method

According to the Martingale method, the strategy of the game involves doubling rates whenever the reels are not the prize combination. Proponents of this method of playing the one-armed bandits argue that sooner or later, the winning chain will still appear on the reels and recoup all the money invested. However, it is quite a controversial strategy because it is more likely that the user’s bankroll will run out before the prize combination comes up.

Staircase Tactics

One of the relatively safe lines of gameplay. The concluded tactic “Stairs” is that you need to raise the bet on one value each time the reels appear prize character chain. If the spin was unsuccessful – the chance is lowered by one value. In contrast to the Martingale method, this approach to the game allows you to stretch the bankroll for a long time and with a slightly higher probability to multiply it.

Pyramid Tactics

The game tactic called “Pyramid” is similar to the previously described tactic “Ladder” in many ways. The user begins with the minimum bet on the line and increases it up to the maximum with each cue. It does not matter whether the spin was winning or not. Having reached the top of the “pyramid”, the process is repeated in reverse order – from the highest to the lowest. Just like the Ladder, this tactic allows you to stretch the game session and, due to the more significant number of spins, increases the chances of gathering a bonus combination or just to get an increased payout.

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