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UncategorizedWhy do construction companies use so much rental equipment?

Why do construction companies use so much rental equipment?

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What are the best mini diggers to hire? Should I hire a backhoe or a mini digger? What should I look for when hiring a wacker plate? These are just some of the many questions that get asked everyday by DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople that are looking to hire the right tools for the right job.

Hiring tools, plant, and machinery is nothing new. People do not think twice about hiring a car to go on holiday, but people often question why construction companies hire so many tools because they rent machinery on a frequent basis. So, exactly why do construction companies use so much rental equipment?

Machinery is expensive

Some larger items of machinery are expensive. Many people choose to hire tools because they only need a particular item for a short period of time. However, construction companies often choose to hire mini diggers, micro diggers, wacker plates, and scissor lifts, even though they are items of equipment that they frequently use on site. Why? It is not commercially beneficial to buy an expensive item of machinery when there is the possibility that it could sit idle on site sometimes. Also, tool hire companies regularly service kit and machinery. This saves a construction company vast sums of money, especially as equipment is rigorously put through its paces on site.

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Hire the equipment you really need

Tool hire depots have a large portfolio of machinery and equipment available to hire. Renting equipment rather than purchasing means that machines are only used when they are really needed. By chatting to your friendly tool hire provider, you can choose the equipment that is most appropriate to your needs. They can advise you of the right equipment to hire, the best time to hire it, and for how long.

Grow your fleet

Plant is so expensive that a construction company may only have the funds to buy two or three pieces of quality equipment. Hiring diggers and dumpers from a reputable tool hire company gives a construction company easy access to a wide range of machinery, providing flexibility and increasing efficiency. Renting equipment gives a construction company access to a large fleet of machines that will do a variety of jobs.

Access to the latest products

Tool and plant manufacturers develop new items of equipment all the time. Tool hire companies have access to the newest tools, with the latest technological features. These new machines are designed to be even more efficient than their predecessors. Advanced equipment enables a construction company to work efficiently in terms of performance and consumption.

Receive a full service

Customers now have the option to collect tools or have them delivered for a small fee. Tool hire companies can deliver mini diggers, micro diggers, dumpers, generators, and concreting equipment to your site and these items can be collected afterwards. It is all part of the full service that tool hire firms are offering. Furthermore, before tools and machinery are hired out, full training is given. No one should leave a tool hire depot if they are unsure of how to use a particular tool. Knowledgeable team members can show you how to operate tools. This advice is given at no extra cost and helps people to achieve the best results with the best tools.


If you are considering mini digger hire, for instance, you can be sure that the equipment you are hiring is safe. Responsible tool hire companies carry out checks before tools and equipment are hired out and they are checked again when the items are returned to the depot. Maintenance is paramount, so if you would like to hire a mini digger or are thinking about micro digger hire you can be sure that the equipment is maintained and of high quality. What’s more, in the event of a breakdown, tool hire companies can support you by repairing machinery and replacing vital kit so that there is no break in continuity or productivity.

Tax advantages

Hire costs are fully deductible so renting equipment does come with a major tax advantage. By renting equipment, a construction company also eliminates maintenance costs and hiring the equipment only for a specific period of time ensures significant economic savings.

Peace of mind

Are you sure you have hired the right piece of kit? Is the micro mini digger that you have hired really the piece of equipment you need? Or is mini digger hire what you really require? If you are in two minds as to which piece of equipment you should hire, renting brings you peace of mind. Hiring equipment is much cheaper than buying, so if you do find that the kit you have hired is not quite right for the job, you can change your mind and hire an alternative piece of equipment. 

We hope this article has helped to explain why construction companies use so much rental equipment. Having access to flexible and safe machinery, and efficient equipment, makes tool and plant hire more profitable than buying. What’s more, having access to a full service offering is also advantageous. This helps construction companies to manage their budgets easier. 

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