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UncategorizedBryan Mendenhall is Helping Thousands Gain Financial Stability in the Insurance Industry

Bryan Mendenhall is Helping Thousands Gain Financial Stability in the Insurance Industry

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With the rise in medical expenses and uncertainty of the world today, more and more people are seeking to secure their family’s future by any means necessary. With this shift in demand for insurance in the changing economy, there has been an exponential growth in this industry. Unfortunately, some unfair agencies in the field are depriving insurance agents of their deserved compensation despite earning millions every year. This is where Bryan Mendenhall has stepped in to change the game for insurance agents and the families getting coverage. Bryan Mendenhall is the CEO and President of Mendenhall Financial Group. Inc, an agency that is helping more than 500 families and agents achieve financial security every year.

Bryan Mendenhall grew up in Trenton, New Jersey, raised by a single mom. Throughout his early life, Bryan dreamt of a financially secure life. For this reason, he spent years working several jobs, from corporations to a local gym, to figure out how to build wealth. Even after working more than 80 hours every week for 10 years as a personal trainer, Bryan felt stuck in a dead-end without any financial growth. It was then he moved to the insurance industry and was amazed by the endless possibilities.

Unfortunately, Bryan started his insurance career at an agency that wanted to keep agents financially liable. This helped Bryan understand the biggest challenge in the insurance industry. He realized that agents were paid a dime despite all the hard work they put in to help the company grow. Agencies were charging training fees and additional expenses, taking away hard-earned commissions from the agents working for them. This motivated Bryan to be the sheepdog among the wolves, guiding others to success. He joined Family First Life (FFL), one of the top organizations helping families with life insurance, retirement planning, and retirement protection needs. The humble policies of FFL in which they put clients and agents first motivated Bryan to start his own venture as an independent agent with FFL.

At Mendenhall Financial Group. Inc., agents have no limit to their earnings, allowing them to work and thus make as much as they want. Under FFL, Mendenhall Financial Group has helped hundreds of agents become financially free. The company also has a set of proven strategies that drive clients to the agents to get insured. Bryan has trained hundreds of agents to achieve financial freedom within a year of working with his agency. He guides agents on having a personalized approach to their clients, earning their trust, and building a strong relationship with them. This unique approach has not only helped clients’ families become financially secure but agents’ families as well.

So far, Bryan has accomplished several milestones in his career as the President and CEO of Mendenhall Financial Group. In 2016 he became a top producer earning the “Hall of Fame” at FFL for securing over 500 families in a year. He also trained some of the highest-earning members of FFL and conducted a “Call to Close” seminar to educate agents on connecting emotionally with their clients. With this, he became the MVP in 2019 and now shares his tried and tested strategies with other agents to help them achieve the same.

With Mendenhall Financial Group, Bryan is looking forward to working with more than 50K agents in the coming years, helping each of them generate a steady source of income. He will continue to follow his work ethic to let people know that this is a place for everyone to make good money if they are willing to work hard.

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