Friday, August 19, 2022
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Daredevils jump off 300ft chimney wearing parachutes before landing in IKEA car park

A DAREDEVIL was filmed jumping off a 300ft chimney wearing a parachute before landing in an IKEA car park.

Jack Gregory filmed the man leaping from one of the Croydon B Power Station chimneys in London last Thursday.

Jack, 25, had already spotted three other people parachuting from the same chimney but managed to get his phone out just in time to catch the last one.

In the clip, one of Jack’s friends can be heard saying: “He’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.”

The man then takes a huge leap while aiming his target towards the furniture company’s front car park.

Within a two second the man deploys his multicoloured parachute before sailing down effortlessly.

Jack can be heard saying: “F*** yeah Croydon” before the base jumper steers from righ to left before landing.

As he approaches, Jack’s friend says: “That is the maddest s*** I have ever seen.”

The man then arrives at his destination just metres away from onlookers before the clip ends.

The group of adrenaline-junkies allegedly scarpered straight afterwards over fears of any repercussions from police.

Jack posted the video on Facebook last week, writing: “IKEA Croydon.

“I can’t believe my eyes, crazy humans.”

The video has been viewed over 64,000 times and gained over 900 comments from viewers who were mixed in their reactions.

Natalie Saxby said: “How the eff did he get up there?

“And what a video.

“Well done fella.”

Lewis Jones said: “Reckless, could have killed someone.”

James Patron said: “No word of a lie, I thought yesterday that would be a good base jump.

“Then I see this.

“Legend, I want a friend like that.

“Skydiving’s become boring.”

Daredevil parachutes off of chimney
The daredevils ran away from the scene worried that police would arrive.

Ramzi Y. Musallam said: “I’m more impressed by how he got up there than his parachute jump.”

Speaking today, Jack said: “It was a big surprise, we were just leaving the retail park when one of my friends saw someone dressed in all black with a black parachute landing.

“We all thought he was joking because we didn’t know where it could have come from.

“We went to investigate and that’s when we saw the other three jump.

“They were there for around five minutes.

“When the last one landed he landed right next to us, so we asked him if they were allowed to do it.

“You often get maintenance teams up on the towers cleaning and whatever else up there but it wasn’t the case.

“They scarpered because of the police.”

Base jumping itself is not illegal in the UK but accessing sites to jump from without permission can often lead to charges.

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