Wednesday, July 6, 2022
NewsLondoners baffled after spotting man "skiing" through city in the sunshine

Londoners baffled after spotting man “skiing” through city in the sunshine

LONDONERS were left baffled after seeing a man using a rather unique way of commuting around the city in the sunshine – his skis.

The mystery man was spotted gliding by people going about their daily lives in Westminster, London, while dressed in full ski attire in a winter jacket and leggings on Sunday.

He was filmed cruising along the street near the Houses of Parliament on skis that appeared to have wheels attached to the bottom.

Local Tom Miguel, 32, posted the video on social media later that day, writing: “Peak ski season in Westminster.”

The video has received over 440 likes and dozens of comments from confused viewers.

Calum Miller said: “Is that Dominic Cummings?”

Darren Edwards said: “Probably a Chelsea player.”

Natalie McDonagh said: “What is he on, roller skis?”

Roxanne Beechey said: “One way to get around, what with the hike of the fares lately I don’t blame him – just watch out for the pot holes.”

Lucia Way Jaffer said: “This is my Swedish neighbour. We live in Westminster. He misses home.”

Tom Miguel captured the man on ski
Tom took a video which he shared to social media of the man on skis. Credit: Tom Miguel

Speaking today, Tom said: “I saw him skiing towards Parliament, in the video he is coming from the direction of Westminster Bridge.

“When I videoed him he was in between Big Ben and Westminster station.

“He was right outside Parliament.

“I just thought it was really funny, I had to do a double take as he skied past me.

“I hadn’t slept as I had just done a night shift and thought I might be hallucinating especially as nobody else seemed to notice him skiing in the cycle lane.

“It was particularly funny as he was dressed for the slopes with the headband and sunglasses.”

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