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What Are the Top 5 Universities in England for Foreign Students?

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Studying abroad is a dream of thousands of students across the globe. It represents an excellent chance to visit a country you perhaps haven’t been to before and meet with the way their educational systems function. England can boast some of the worlds’ most famous and attractive universities that both locals and foreigners like attending. However, it should be mentioned that foreigners need to pass a certain procedure which is often more complex than when local students are enrolling. It’s a necessary step due to the visa that foreigners have to get permission for by the UK government as well as some paperwork that has to be completed. We will provide you with some additional info about it later in the text. Now, without further ado, let’s see what are the top 5 universities in England that foreign students highly appreciate.

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University Of Cambridge

One of the countries’ most popular universities globally is the one in Cambridge. This educational institution is considered among the best ones for foreigners. It’s fair to say that it is also among the oldest ones in the world as it was created by a couple of scholars that left Oxford University back in 1209. Hence, Cambridge University has existed for 9 centuries and it’s still amongst the most prestigious ones. But why is it so highly rated? Well, there are a few reasons for that. First of all, because of its level of organization. Namely, Cambridge University is split into 6 separate schools including Physical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Arts, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology. All of these sections offer over 150 academic departments combined which is a fantastic number. When it comes to foreign students, it hosts 4000 of them each year and it’s ranked 6th globally by diversity and openness. This university is also known as the one with the highest number of produced PHDs in the country. As an abroad student, you should know that there are a few fees you must pay in order to participate in one of the schools here. These are college fees (whose price depends on residency and nationality), tuition fees (the minimum price is about 20.000 pounds, depending on the course you are taking).


Oxford University

In terms of popularity, but also quality, Oxford University is very similar to Cambridge. It’s actually the oldest educational institution in the UK, if not further. This university is considered the number 1 for foreign students. It has 39 independent colleges, over 100 libraries, 6 private halls, and many other amenities. The fact that 4 of its academic departments are the leading ones worldwide is shocking itself. Among them, you can find Humanities, Social Sciences, Math 7 Physics, and Medical Sciences. This university is home to 24.000 students of which almost half is international. This means that it will be much easier to adapt to a new environment and perhaps find new friends that share the same nationality as you.

London School Of Economics and Political Sciences

Another great university that is suitable for foreign students is LSE. Situated in the capital city of England, it offers dozens of high-quality features. Almost half of the staff members are coming from outside of the UK, which will help you a lot in terms of adaptation. By this stat, you can realize how big diversity is represented here. And if we have in mind that this university offers politics and economics education, it’s fair to state how positive it actually is. Having different perspectives and points of view about these topics can be beneficial for you as it also binds people with similar ways of thinking together. The admission terms, as well as fees you will be exposed to mostly depend on your nationality so you should check the official website of the university or contact them online to receive the most precise information. This university hosts 9600 foreign students currently which is fantastic.

University Of Manchester

Even though the city of Manchester is known worldwide for its famous soccer clubs, another significant and surely beneficial facility here is its university. The main characteristic of this educational institution is diverse programs that are suitable for many abroad students. For example, if you want to participate in writing sessions, there’s an option for it. You will not have to read an essaybox review online to get the paper done by others. Although this step can be helpful, especially for first-year understudies, programs of Manchester University will provide you with necessary improvement in this particular niche. This college is the largest one in the country by capacity. Consequently, it holds many different buildings, residencies, and parks. Here, foreign students can enroll in 3 faculties: Medicine, Biology, Science & Engineering. What is additional comfort here is the size of the campus. It’s so big that you will need a lot of time to cover all its corners. So, you can walk through the halls freely and meet new people easily.

Bristol University

The last educational facility we will cover today will be Bristol University. It began as a design staff then, at that point, developed into one of the most outstanding exploration colleges in England. It offers top-of-the-line education in the accompanying resources: Arts, Engineering, Life Sciences, Science, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences and Law. The most noteworthy positioning courses in the college are Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Biological Sciences, Psychology, and Mathematics. Besides, the foundation is an individual from renowned college gatherings, for example, the Russell Group, the Coimbra Group, and the Worldwide Universities Network. The college satisfies the Bristol Futures standards and values: advancement and undertaking, worldwide citizenship, and feasible fates. These standards shape scholarly greatness that produces balanced understudies and graduates.


Hopefully, we have managed to give you a closer insight into the top English colleges that are perfect for international citizens. These institutions will always warm-welcome new students, regardless of their origin, race, or religious commitment. So, don’t hesitate to enroll in some of their programs if you truly desire to visit this country and educate yourself by its system.

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