Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Construction worker “flabbergasted” after spotted man riding bike wearing nothing but helmet, socks and Adidas trainers

A CONSTRUCTION worker was left “flabbergasted” after spotting a man riding along a cycle lane on his bike – wearing nothing but a helmet, socks and Adidas trainers.

James Reynolds, 33, captured a photograph of the bizarre scene at 7am yesterday on Grays Inn Road near King’s Cross in central London.

The man, who appears to be in his late 30s, seemed completely unphased as he cycled around the city naked.

The naked cyclist
James was left “flabbergasted” by the sight.

Making sure to follow the Highway Code, he patiently waited for the lights to turn green while stopped in a cycle lane.

The exhibitionist wore a white protective helmet to ensure safety during his revealing ride while temperatures were around 6°C.

His pale white skin could be seen catching rays as he stabilised himself with his left foot on the kerb.

James, a construction worker from Lincolnshire, shared the image on social media last night, writing: “I saw this geezer riding to work naked on his pushbike this morning.

“It’s still a bit fresh in the morning for that mate.

“Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross.”

The post has now collected over 1,000 likes with hundreds of comments and shares from users who were left in stitches by the brazen biker.

Tim Mahy said: “I think he’s arrived a bit early for the world naked bike ride.”

Stephen Rice said: “The Right Honourable Member for somewhere-or-other.”

Gemma Baker said: “I’ve had anxiety dreams like this.”

Joe Myers said: “Florida man is loose in London.”

Piffles Bodaldo said: “Sore balls and a prison sentence but totally worth it.”

Naked cyclist Facebook post
The commuter was wearing a crash helmet for safety.

Speaking today, James said: “I think he was just out for a leisurely morning ride to feel the wind in his (pubic) hair.

“I’ll be honest, I was flabbergasted at first. I walked up to the pedestrian crossing, looked to my right and had to look twice and thought, ‘am I seeing what I’m seeing?’

“But this is London and I’ve worked in the city for 10 years and nothing really surprises me anymore.

“So I thought ‘well fair play to him’ and walked on. It’s only the human body and as long as he wasn’t trying to offend anyone I didn’t see a problem.

“I did have to take a picture though because I wasn’t sure if people would believe me if I told them.

“I made eye contact with the guy and he didn’t seem phased one bit. He was well groomed and looked pretty ‘normal’.

“He had his helmet on so he was being safe at least.

“To be honest, I hope he was doing it for a dare or because he’s happy doing it, perhaps a naturist or something, and that he wasn’t having some sort of mental health crisis.

“But we can only speculate.”

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