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?From Gaming to Hospitality to VR, KunciCoin Is More Than Meets the Eye

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Ever since the first cryptocurrency was developed, this ever-evolving industry has continued to make headlines. One of the reasons for its popularity is that digital currency is decentralized, making it more democratic than traditional currencies. This has made cryptocurrency a more convenient and easy way of making payments, with blockchain technology now disrupting various industries, including finance, music, and entertainment.

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As the market continues to evolve and new currencies are created, the industry is ushering in a new era. At the forefront of these changes is the team behind the one-of-a-kind coin, KunciCoin, which is now revolutionizing the crypto market.

KunciCoin is a crypto project co-founded by Joko Crypto to offer a flexible platform that supports crypto applications with real-life utilities such as crypto-mining in-game transactions for AAA metaverse and NFT games. They are leveraging blockchain technology to build a limitless place, bringing together gaming, hospitality, and VR.

According to Joko, their main goal is to use their coin to revolutionize the crypto market, giving everyone an equal opportunity. “In the Indonesian language, Kunci means ‘key,’” explains Joko. He adds that just like the name “key,” their aim with KuniCoin is creating projects that can unlock doors of opportunities, helping the masses attain financial freedom.

KunciCoin focuses heavily on utilities instead of marketing, unlike other meme tokens and most crypto companies. Their unique approach is one of the many factors that is helping them stand out and making it easier for them to accomplish their mission.

“We believe that marketing is important, but without real-life application, the token means nothing, which is why we have a triple-A MMORPG Metaverse NFT game, alongside utilities in a licensed payment gateway, a government-licensed crypto exchange, and 52 hotels and resorts worldwide,” says Joko.

Their project, KunciCoin, is disrupting the gaming and hospitality industries, giving users the chance to participate in different games and even make transactions at certain hotels, including J Hotel in Tanjung Benoa and Bali. KunciCoin also has a virtual reality company in Indonesia that is helping in the development and distribution of VR content, including metaverse. Their new technology will assist their investors on their journeys, helping them list their work as NFTs and potentially grow their trade.

KunciCoin has cemented its place in the industry just three months since its launch, building a limitless space with blockchain technology. They have been listed on ten exchanges, including Bkex, Hotbit, Pancakeswap, and Bitforex. In the coming months, KunciCoin is expected to be listed on Probit,, Lbank, and even major exchanges such as Bitmart and BitGlobal.

As they continue to thrive, Joko says one of their goals is to bring in more changes in the future, transforming the gaming and hospitality industries.

“We see ourselves as the next Solana, with a market cap that can list us as a top 20 cryptocurrency in and listed on Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and all top exchanges, with a market cap of tens of billions of USD,” says Joko Crypto. With the ongoing success they’ve been able to achieve so far, this goal is certainly in the real of possibility.

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