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Hilarious video shows hillwalker somehow managing to stay on his feet on slippery hill

A HILARIOUS video shows a hillwalker somehow managing to stay on his feet as he slides down a muddy hill.

Edward Wridgway was filmed slipping and sliding as he wobbled around in a frantic panic trying to keep his balance during a walk near Leek, Staffordshire last month.

The video shows the 40-year-old pharmacist navigating through thick, slippery mud down a steep slope after returning from a walk from Thor’s Cave.

Having fallen just moments earlier, Edward was making every effort not to take another tumble but some unwanted momentum left him unable to stop.

Edward, from Wednesbury, West Midlands, is shown scampering down the slope trying to remain still while his feet slide around beneath him.

Somehow he manages to get past the steepest part of the slope without falling into the thick mud and later puts his hand on a rock for balance.

Edwards shared the video on TikTok last month, writing : “A very muddy hike at Thor’s Cave.”

The post has now collected over 850,000 views and more than 50,000 likes.

Thousands of amused viewers left comments on the clip after being left in stitches as his “impressive” stability.

One person said: “English skiing.”

Another wrote: “That was impressive.”

While another impressed viewer added: “Olympic mud sliding champion.”

Hillwalker slipping on mud
Edward somehow managed to slip and slide his way to the bottom of the hill without falling.

One TikTok user commented: “He did very well not to fall.”

And another person said: “A well trodden path then? It looks like you had a great time, even if a little messy.”

Speaking today, Edward said: “We thought we would try the Thor’s Cave circular trail for a hiking experience while there was a storm.

“We heard so many people say it’s like a mud swamp at the bottom of the cave which made us even more keen in the storm to venture out.

“We were soaked through and through but the hot tea in our flasks kept us going.

“I fell over literally a few minutes before so I thought I was ready for the slippy mud.

“Once I fell over and got plastered in the mud, it was game on, and that’s where I got too confident and ended up slipping all the way down.

“It was so fast, all I was thinking was, please don’t fall over and ruin my new jacket.”

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