Thursday, July 7, 2022
NewsAmazing video shows ecstatic pub-goers erupting in celebration - watching Tipping Point

Amazing video shows ecstatic pub-goers erupting in celebration – watching Tipping Point

AN AMAZING video shows a pub full of keen Cheltenham punters cheering on a big win – for a player on game show Tipping Point.

Student Danny McElvanna, 19, captured raucous scenes from inside Hatfield House bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland yesterday.

Crowds of supporters watched on in anticipation as a man named John managed to take home the £10,000 prize.

Video shows groups watching the television screen as a black counter tips over the edge and pushes towards the jackpot.

The camera then shows Danny’s friends at the edges of their seats as they eagerly await the result with bated breath.

Cries of “go on, go on” can be heard from pub-goers who are all backing the quiz show participant to win.

Just as the silver counter adorned with a red star drops, the pub goes wild in celebration as people jump around and scream in delight.

Danny posted the video on TikTok yesterday, writing : “Tipping Point Wednesdays in the Hatfield.”

His video has been viewed over 225,000 times and gained over 30,000 likes.

Unsurprisingly many people were quick to comment on the video and join in the celebrations.

Tipping Point on the screen in the Hatfield House pub
Tipping Point was won on Wednesday to the delight of the pub. Credit: Danny McElvanna

Jamie Menary said: “Do not scratch your eyes, you are really seeing the most extraordinary finish here.”

Liam Kay said: “This is Tipping Point heritage.”

Sionan McCormack said: “Only in Ireland.”

Ashton Webb said: “Pure theatre, pure Tipping Point.”

Gerrard Holloway said: “Thought it was just me who reacted like this.”

Dillon Zaidel said: “Tipping Point with the Tipperary jersey.”

Speaking today, Danny said: “We had gone to the pub to watch Cheltenham and we had done so, when it finished though they never turned the channel back over so it ended up on Tipping Point.

“We just started watching and then he ended up winning.

“I am buzzing for John, he’s a gent.”

ITV show Tipping Point is hosted by Ben Shephard and sees contestants trying to find the tipping point of a machine with cash prizes of up to £10,000.

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