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Uni graduate shocked after being rejected for job due to her ‘strong Welsh accent’

A UNIVERSITY graduate was shocked to be told she was unsuccessful in her job interview because of her ‘strong Welsh accent’.

Eluned Anderson from Cardiff applied for a job which she had kept unspecified but was informed yesterday by email that she had not been successful.

The 22-year-old Liverpool University graduate, who is a regional ambassador for the Holocaust National Trust, was taken aback by the reason noted on the rejection letter.

Eluned Anderson applied for a job
Eluned had applied for a job as a Parliamentary Assistant. Credit: Twitter/Eluned Anderson

After telling Eluned that she was fantastic and her skill set would reflect well in the role, the recruiter then said her strong accent would not suit the office.

They also made reference to her “regional activities” not fitting in with their environment.

The former young Labour chair candidate redacted the role that she was applying for but people have speculated that it was for a job as a parliamentary assistant.

Sharing a screenshot of the rejection email on Twitter last night, writing: “First time I’ve ever been told I’ve got a strong Welsh accent, so I suppose that’s a win?”

The email read: “Hi Ellie,

“Thank you so much for your time in applying for the role of (REDACTED) and attending the interview at such short notice.

“We thought you were fantastic, and performed very well throughout. Your skill set would reflect well in the role.

“I’m sorry to say,however, that we have decided not to proceed with your application.

“It was decided that your strong Welsh accent, accompanied by your regional activities, would not suit the office environment.

“Thanks once again for your interest and time.”

Her post received over 1,700 comments and more than 1,400 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Eluned in London
Eluned applied for a job in London but was told her accent was too strong. Credit: Twitter/ElunedAnderson

Social media users were quick to share their fury and sympathise with Eluned over the comments.

@KevS1973 said: “’Regional activities’ – do they think you’re going to break into Land Of My Fathers at the drop of a hat or something? Madness.”

@JenniFrazer said: “Is there a chance that ‘regional activities’ could relate to your regional ambassador work for HolocaustUK? I really hope that’s not the case but did they ask about it?”

@Laurence_in_EU said: “I think you’ll find that that reply furnishes you with a strong claim for employment discrimination. Seriously – take advice.”

@Healthreglawyer said: “Is this honestly real? It’s not real, is it? Please say it’s not real. Also, what are ‘regional activities’?”

@zainabob said: “Oh wow. Not often you get someone to flat out admit to discrimination. Lawsuit.”

@KirstyHarrod said: “I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about this until I know what job the interview was for.”

It was suggested that the job had been for a role as a Parliamentary Assistant in the UK Parliament in Westminster, London.

Eluned withdrew as a young Labour chair candidate in 2020 after posts emerged of her expressing her admiration for the physical attractiveness of Nazis.

Backed by the Jewish Labour Movement, she was in the running to chair Labour’s youth wing until comments that she posted on in a Facebook group surfaced

A member of the Young Free Speech Society’s group wrote in January 2019: “Have you ever met/seen/know [sic] of a physically attractive Nazi?”

Eluned responded: “Look, I know they were evil bastards, but Eichmann and a young Ribbentrop were incredibly good looking.”

A video from August 2020 shows Eluned reading out her manifesto where she talks clearly and fluently to appeal to voters.

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