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Edinburgh’s Tastiest Restaurants for Foodies to Visit?

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The aesthetically medieval city of Edinburgh is famous for not only being the capital of Scotland but also for its prosperous art communities and packed festivals. Another scene relating to the arts is the culinary universe that can be discovered in the fairytale city.

Edinburgh is quite the hotspot for a number of the best chefs worldwide, but those places don’t overshadow the cozy and high-quality restaurants that can be found in any street you walk into. Even small restaurants or street food places serve mouth-watering dishes. 

Edinburgh skyline.

One thing you can expect from this city is variety thanks to the intermingling cultures present there. In addition to new flavors and customs, Edinburgh also offers the freshest ingredients and produce thanks to its location, ranging from fresh fish and meats to delicious vegan or veggie meals.

The food scene in Edinburgh is accommodating for anyone and everyone, so let’s dive into the best places to visit in the city and what finger-licking foods it has to offer locals and tourists alike.

The Haggis Box

If you’re looking for a quick meal that also holds essential and traditional foods, The Haggis Box is a great street food option. They serve haggis, which is an iconic food originating from Scotland made from a sheep’s or calf’s offal that is mixed with some ingredients and boiled in a bag.

The menu is short but sweet, with a restaurant and roaming menu depending on what dining experience you wish to have. 

The first menu item, which is also the main one, is award-winning haggis, neeps, and tatties. There is also a vegan and gluten-free option made from Findlay’s portobello mushrooms.

For sauces, there’s an option for Auchentoshan whisky and mustard, which is said to be mind-blowing in flavor, or a red wine gravy. The difference between the two menus is the dessert and additional items. 

The restaurant menu offers some coffee cake, daily soup, and some light lunch options as well, whereas the roaming menu offers Overlangshaw ice cream.


Every major city in the world has at least one Italian restaurant in it, and Contini is one of the best ones found in Edinburgh. The restaurant offers a variety of Italian dishes with modern twists and aesthetic plating. They have a proper wine list, a children’s menu, a breakfast menu, and a la carte. 

The restaurant is owned by the Contini family and has been revamped and restyled into this traditional and grand Italian interior. They offer unique cocktails inspired by the classics and lots of fresh food cooked with both Italian and local ingredients. 

Their tiramisu is highly praised, and the dishes are focused on smaller plates for sharing rather than big main dishes. As with Italian food and culture, this style of dining is meant to bring guests together. The restaurant doesn’t offer pizza though, so seek another place for that street food experience. 

The Piper’s Rest Public House

This place exists to offer you an authentic Scottish bar and gastropub experience. It is also probably one of the happiest places to work thanks to the lovely dynamic of the staff and the cozy milieu the restaurant has with antler chandeliers and wooden walls.

The menu is fully traditional, with items such as mussels pot, mince and tatties, and Scott’s porage oats. You can come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinking, and you will enjoy it equally with each timestamp. There is also a kids menu for kids 12 and under. 

The Walnut

The Walnut is a modern bistro with a menu that is both Scottish and French. The menu is small and mighty, with a large selection of wines to pair it with. The location is small, offering 22 seats, but it is clean and has an unassuming design, leaving guests cozy and welcome.

When looking at the menu you can go for lunch or dinner and choose a two or three-course meal for both times. In the courses, you get either a starter, a main, or a dessert. 

The Table 

Whether you are a fine dining connoisseur or simply curious, The Table will grant you a unique and personal experience with the world of food. The location has a feel of excellence to it, with emerald green satin chairs propped right in front of the kitchen, delicately divided by the bar. 

It is well kept and cozy offering guests a sample menu, an extensive wine list, and a custom seasonal menu. The thing that makes this restaurant unique is the experience with the chefs themselves. Once there, you will be seated at the only bar, alongside 9 other chairs for the remaining guests. 

You will find the chef, Sean Clark, and his sous chef preparing your food right in front of your eyes. 

Salt Cafe

Salte Cafe is a rustic and artisanal cafe with a very natural and comfortable aura. It offers guests a casual brunch experience with a Scottish but French-inspired menu consisting of both sweet and savory options, as well as a kids menu and small plates to order baked goods with. 

Everything you can order here is delicious, good quality, and paired with good drinks. Their coffees are flavourful, made with well-roasted specialty beans and milk from local sources. They have many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and even morning cocktails. 

This is also a great opportunity for fresher graduates to work at.

Prana Indian Grill

Prana Indian Grill is a modern Indian restaurant inspired by Western cuisine as well. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with a pleasant drinks menu for all types of drinkers. 

They have specialties such as Prana-style loaded nachos, a chicken korma burger, and kulfi mousse. Their meals are tasty and well-combined, offering a bizarre and modern experience for those more used to traditional Indian dishes, and a comforting experience for those unfamiliar with Indian flavors.

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