Wednesday, June 29, 2022
News“I don't think I've ever seen the sun pictured quite like that"...

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun pictured quite like that” – Scots amazed by incredible shots of vibrant sun

SCOTS have been left amazed by images of a blood vibrant orange sun shining over the country.

Amy Hutchison couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened up her curtains in Thornton, Fife this morning and spotted the unusual sight.

The 22-year-old immediately grabbed her phone to capture evidence of the almost-unbelievable moment.

Images show the vibrant sun shining a bright orange glowing in the middle of a foggy sky.

Customer services worker Amy shared the images on social media alongside a video of the sun to prove that the photographs were real.

Other Scots have also shared their own captures of the sun looking similar this week – to back up Amy’s claims that the images haven’t been doctored in any way.

Amy’s post read: “The sun this morning.”

Blood orange sun
Scots were left in awe by the sunrise this morning in Fife. (C). Amy Hutchison

Over 1,000 people have liked the post, while more than 100 have commented after being left in awe by the phenomenon.

Andy Farrell said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun pictured quite like that.

“Absolutely stunning.”

Cherry Pospischil said: “Wow, amazing.”

Jeanette Burke said: “Absolutely stunning.”

Loanne Castle added: “That’s what our Australian sun looks like during bush fires.”

Speaking today: “It was a foggy morning this morning which could have resulted in it looking this way but it was bright red.

“I was shocked.

Blood orange sun
Some people questioned if the photos were real. (C). Amy Hutchison

“I was with my partner and he pointed it out.

“It looked exactly how it did in the photos.

“Understandably I get why people would say it was fake, as even seeing it in real life this morning it looked not real.

“Its definitely something you would need to see for yourself to believe.”

Some people have suggested that the recent wildfires in Mallaig and Ben Lomond could be the cause of the colour of the sun.

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