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Bully nurse struck off after wrapping Celtic scarf around vulnerable Rangers fan’s neck to “taunt” them

A SCOTS nurse has been struck off after wrapping a Celtic scarf around an elderly patient’s neck who supported Rangers to “taunt” them.

Jacqueline Ann Walker also told another female resident at Redmill Care Home in Bathgate, West Lothian that she was going to “s**g” her husband.

The mental health nurse then told the same woman she was going to have her husband’s babies and that he wouldn’t be visiting as he had another girlfriend.

Redhill care home in Bathgate
Jacqueline worked at the care home in Bathgate. Credit: Google Images

After putting the scarf around one patient’s neck, she then approached the protestant patient and told them: “King Billy has Syphilis because he s*****d a white horse”.

And on another occasion, while wrapping the Celtic scarf around the patient’s neck again, catholic Walker said: “What’s King Billy got?”

On another occasion the Scots nurse “taunted” another female patient and said she “needed a good s**g” and called her a gypsy.

She also called one resident a “tart” on the day she buried her husband and referred to another as a “paedo”.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) this month released documents from the hearing that took place over eight days in January.

They issued Walker, who worked as a nurse for 14 years, with a removal order over the vile comments that took place between October 2018 to November 2019.

During the hearing, a colleague gave evidence saying: “She made it very well known that she was a catholic and that she supported Celtic, whilst Resident A was a protestant who supported Rangers.

“There is a fierce football rivalry between Celtic and Rangers supporters in Scotland.”

Redhill care home
Jacqueline would bully patients at the care home. Credit: Google Images

Another colleague said: “Around October 2019, I was in the communal lounge and I heard her say to Resident B that she was going to have sex with Resident B’s husband and have his kids.

“I recall Resident B did become quite upset by that comment.”

A third colleague said: “Whenever she was doing her handover of Resident C she would call him ‘Billy big balls the paedophile’.

“She would say this the majority of the time when she was handing him over to me.”

Another witness claimed Walker had a “tendency to pick on vulnerable residents”.

On making their decision to remove Walker from the register, the NMC said: “The panel finds that residents were put at risk and were caused emotional harm as a result of Walker’s misconduct.

“The panel judged that Walker’s conduct was such as to bring the nursing profession into disrepute, and members of the public would have been horrified if they had witnessed her behaviour.

“The panel considered that Walker’s behaviour was that of a bully to both residents and colleagues which continues to present a risk to patients and the public.

“Balancing all of these factors and after taking into account all the evidence before it during this case, the panel determined that the appropriate and proportionate sanction is that of a striking-off order.

“Having regard to the effect of Walker’s actions in bringing the profession into disrepute by adversely affecting the public’s view of how a registered nurse should conduct herself, the panel has concluded that nothing short of this would be sufficient in this case.”

Speaking today, a spokesperson for Redmill care home said: “The safety, health and wellbeing of our Residents are our top priorities. We have a zero-tolerance approach to derogatory and offensive language being used towards Residents and Colleagues, and we will always take action against anyone who falls short of the values and high standards we expect.

“We were appalled by Ms Walker’s frankly shocking and completely unacceptable behaviour which goes against everything we stand for as an organisation. We worked closely with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) throughout their investigation, including providing all of the evidence and witness testimonials needed to confirm the charges against her, and we fully support the NMC’s outcome in this case.

“We are grateful to our Colleagues for raising concerns about the behaviour of Ms Walker at the time of the incidents, and for fully supporting our internal investigation and the subsequent NMC investigation and hearing process. The Redmill team’s vigilance and adherence to our strong values and safeguarding policies were vital in swiftly stopping the unacceptable behaviour of Ms Walker, and protecting the dignity of the people that make their home with us.

“We can confirm that Ms Walker passed all pre-employment checks prior to commencing work with and that she has not worked for us since November 2019.”

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