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6 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

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Modern businesses need an online presence. Having a presence on the internet offers new ways to connect with customers, and it can open opportunities for marketing that are both affordable and effective.

If you are going to start building an online presence, your business is going to need a website. While there is a lot to consider, one point that deserves extra attention is the domain name. A domain name is the string of text you type in a browser to reach a specific website. It isn’t necessarily the name of the website or the business, but it can play a key role in branding.

It is a mistake if you think your domain name doesn’t matter. Your domain name can affect the traffic your website is able to attract, and it can also impact your credibility. A good domain name can also contribute to your brand identity.

The following are a few points you should consider when selecting a domain name for your website.

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Unique Over Generic

Regardless of your business niche, there are probably thousands or even millions of competing websites. If you want people to remember your website, you should select a name that is memorable. Even If visitors love your website, they will have a hard time remembering the domain name if it is too generic. Something unique will stick in the minds of customers, and it can also be a brandable element of the website.

One strategy that has been successful for creating unique domain names is to create new words or to use existing words that are unique or strange. That is how you get popular websites like Yahoo and Google. You could also define the idea of your site and then use a thesaurus to find interesting ideas for a domain name. Another option is to take two words that represent the idea of the site and then combine them to make a new word.

Pick the Right Extension

The extension at the end of your domain name can be just as important. Of course, you have options like .net and .co, but .com is still the best option for most websites. The .com extension tends to be easier to remember, and it has a more favorable place in the minds of consumers. You should focus on getting a .com domain if it is at all possible. The only reason to go with an alternative would be if you have a really good idea for a domain but can’t get it with the .com extension.

Make it Easy on the Fingers

Successful websites usually have domain names that are easy to type. That means keeping it short and avoiding words that might have multiple spellings. Along with that, you should also avoid domains that have more than two of the same letter in a row. A simpler domain name will not only be easier for visitors to type when they want to navigate to your site, it will also be easier for them to share with other people.

Keywords are Good But Don’t Push It

Adding keywords to the domain name can be a part of your website’s SEO strategy. As an example, if your website is about home improvement, the keyword “DIY” could be a good addition to the domain name.

While adding keywords to your website can help, you don’t want to overdo it. First, if you have a great idea for a domain name that has no keywords, don’t compromise a good domain name just to add them. Also, you don’t want to force keywords in the domain in ways that might seem awkward.

Read it All at Once

You should also think about how it will read in its entirety before choosing a web domain. You need to remember that domain names read as one continuous string of letters, numbers, and symbols. In some cases, you might put words together and not realize that they can read differently when you take the spaces out. There are plenty of examples of this happening with domain names in the past. At best, your site ends up being the butt of a joke. At worst, the combination of words reads as something incredibly inappropriate or offensive.

Work With a Domain Broker

Working with a domain brokerage can be another way to find the right domain name. Domain brokers assist in the buying and selling of domain names. A good domain broker will be able to help you find the domain you want for your website. If you have ideas but are unsure, a domain broker might be able to provide advice. Many domain brokers offer consulting as a part of the service. 

A domain name can have a significant impact on the online operations of your business. A good domain can help to elevate your brand but a bad one will drag you down. Spend a little time considering different domain name options, and if you need to, consult with a professional.

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