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Tory MP asks activist ‘Who’s paying your rent?’ after being challenged over Russian money and food banks

A POLITICAL activist challenged four Tory MPs on whether they would be donating money to Ukraine – only for one to reply saying: “Who’s paying your rent?”

Steve Bray, a well known anti-Brexit activist, decided to challenge Conservative MPs after spotting them waiting for a taxi outside Parliament on Wednesday night.

Video shows the 52-year-old, from Port Talbot, Wales, walking up to the politicians as they stand at the side of the road and attempt to ignore him.

He approaches Gary Sambrook, MP for Birmingham, Northfield, where he questions money that has been donated to his political party from wealthy Russian donors.

The MP's stood waiting for taxis near at Westminster
The MP’s stood waiting for taxis near at Westminster. (C). Steven Bray

Bray says: “Hello Gary, how is the Russian money going?

“Are you guys going to donate it to Ukrainian charities?

“All those millions from Russian donors, it is very embarrassing for you, isn’t it?

“And what about your Prime Minister, our leader Boris Johnson, a liar and a cheat?”

Sir Geoff Clifton-Brown, MP for the Cotswolds, remains loyal to his boss, replying: “A great man.”

Bray retorted: “No, he is a liar, and you backing a liar is not a good thing for your career.

“One day it will come back to bite you, you know that.

“Innit, Gary?”

Steven Bray challenged Gary Sambrook on Russian money and food banks
Steven Bray challenged Gary Sambrook on Russian money and food banks. (C). Steven Bray

Sambrook then replies and appears to mock Bray, saying: “What we want to know is who is paying your rent Steve.”

Bray hits back: “Who is paying my rent?

“I do Crowdfunder and I am also self-employed.

“But don’t forget, we pay your wages.

“You have just had a £2,000 pay reward when people are struggling at food banks.

“A lot of other MP’s have donated their money to food banks.

“The silence is deafening.”

The activist continued: “What do you think, will you donate some money?

“You have created more food banks than any other party in the history of the United Kingdom.

“I bet you are hoping this taxi turns up.”

Sambrook can be seen shaking his head at Bray before the activist concludes by saying: “You enjoy your evenings, eating caviar, or whatever you guys eat, champagne.

“We’ll just struggle at the food banks and try to pay the rent, Gary.

“All the best.”

Sambrook replied: “Have a good evening.”

The video was posted to Steve’s Twitter page on Wednesday evening, writing: “Finished at Parliament.

“Pure gold. Four Tory MPs waiting for a taxi by Parliament.

“I had to ask.”

The video has gained over 692,000 views and more than 21,000 likes.

Hundreds of viewers left comments praising Bray for challenging the MPs.

One said: “Nice to see my local Councillor, enthusiastic diner, and Tory MP for another part of Birmingham, Gary Sambrook being uncharacteristically silent when challenged about food banks etc.”

Another said: “That was brilliant.

“So honest and powerful.

“You talked like I would.

“You said what all of us wanted to say.

“You didn’t get angry, you shamed them.

“And you walked away leaving them waiting.”

Another person added: “No shouting, no abuse.

“Just respective debate, shame they didn’t engage.

“All Gary could muster was a ‘who’s paying your rent?’”

And another added: “If I was an MP I would have turned around and had a chat about all the issues raised.

Sambrook retorted with a crass question
Sambrook retorted with a crass question. (C). Steven Bray

“But then if I was an MP it would be because I believed in what I was doing.”

Speaking today, Steve Bray said: “This is the most corrupt and self serving government the UK has ever had.

“They have to be held to account and they cannot just ride rough shod over our lives like a dictatorship.

“Whilst we were members of the European Union we had more rights & protections, now we have left it is only the people that can stand up to these liars, cheats and charlatans that we have as government.”

According to the Labour party, an estimated £2 million has been given to the Conservative party or constituency associates from donors linked to Russia or Russians since Johnson became prime minister.

Last week, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant wrote to the Speaker of the House asking for a 1,000 metre zone around parliament that Steve Bray would not be allowed to enter.

However, Conservatives MP’s have been split over whether to support Fabricant’s request.

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