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Scots jockey left with two broken ribs and and fractured vertebrae after falling from horse

A SCOTS jockey has been left with two broken ribs and a fractured vertebrae after falling from his horse.

Conner McCann is recovering in hospital following the horror fall at Kelso Racecourse in the Scottish Borders on Saturday.

The 18-year-old from Edinburgh was riding Diamond State when he fell at the second jump.

Conner McCann at Musselburgh Racecourse
Conner at Musselbrugh Racecourse on Friday. Credit: Katey McCann

Initially, Conner was motionless with fears that he had seriously damaged his head and an air ambulance was summoned.

However, he was deemed fit enough by paramedics at the course to travel by car to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

Doctors ran a battery of tests on the promising young jockey who has won four of his thirteen races.

They found that Conner had two broken ribs, three fractures in his thoracic vertebrae and a suspected fracture in his C6 vertebrae.

An update from Conner’s family was issued by trainer Lucinda Russell Racing on social media last night, saying: “Conner has two broken ribs, three fractures in his thoracic vertebrae and a suspect fracture in C6 vertebrae, and a tiny fracture of his fibula, luckily no head injury.

“He is due an MRI scan tomorrow to check his fractured vertebrae and we will know more about recovery then.

“Conner’s first word’s to me yesterday were ‘how’s diamond, is my horse ok are you sure he’s ok’.

“Today he has mostly slept. Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern over Conner’s fall and wished him a speedy recovery and sorry to all those I have not had time to reply to.”

The post has received over 2,400 likes and more than 400 comments from well-wishers.

Alison Bolton said: “Thanks for letting us know how Conner is doing, wishing him all the best for his recovery. Thinking about his family and friends.”

Sandra Wain said: “Get well Conner, a very special young man thinking of the horse first, speedy recovery take care.”

Arry Renton said: “Wishing Connor a speedy recovery, humbling he should first ask about the horse, get well soon.”

Conner with his girlfriend and Mum
Lori Walsh (Conner’s girlfriend), Conner and mum Katey with horse Diamond State. Credit: Katey McCann

Suzanne Gill said: “Best wishes for a speedy recovery, beautiful words concerned about his horse.”

Jimmy Lindsay said: “Let’s hope he makes a full and speedy recovery, mark of the laddie that his first thought is for his pal, get well soon Conner.”

Natasha Tarrant said: “Get well soon Connor.

“Shows what a brave and true horseman he is. Putting the horse before himself and asking how Diamond is. Bless his heart.”

Conner rode the first winner of his career on Diamond State in November last year at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Conner’s mum Katey today told of how she hopes that Conner may switch from jump racing to flat racing after the horrifying incident at Kelso Racecourse.

The fifty-year-old has visited Conner in hospital and spoke briefly to her son who is on strong pain relief as well as plans for the future.

Speaking today, Katey from Penicuik said: “I’m restricted to visiting hours so I can only see Conner in that time.

“He is on strong pain relief so is quite sleepy.

“He properly loves that horse (Diamond State), he loves all horses and he had won his first two rides on him and came second in the third, he adores Diamond.

“Conner still wants to ride but I’m his mother so as far as I’m concerned I’d rather he stopped jump racing and switched to flat but it’s too early to have that conversation.

“If everything stays as it is then it will probably be about six months of recovery and rehabilitation.”

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