Tuesday, July 5, 2022
NewsSoftware firm provide top gear assistance to cancer charity drivers

Software firm provide top gear assistance to cancer charity drivers

CLOUD software experts Eureka Solutions has ridden to the rescue of a Scottish charity which is celebrating 40 years of supporting people living with cancer.

The business management software specialist has come up with a solution which is transforming Ayrshire Cancer Support’s (ACS) hospital transport service.

Established in 1982, ACS improves the quality of life of those affected by cancer by providing practical help and emotional support through support centres, therapeutic services and patient transport.

Volunteer drivers from ACS undertake more than 13,000 journeys a year to ferry patients from around the county on the 100-mile round trip to the Beatson Institute in Glasgow for treatment.

Now, with support from Eureka Solutions, 100 drivers have been fitted out with distinctive ACS uniforms and all vehicles now carry magnetic signage with the charity’s stand-out branding.

Laura Brown, ACS Head of Income & Communications, said: “Patients are often required to travel to the Beatson every day for eight weeks, which is a huge undertaking for family members who in most cases will not be able to take that amount of time away from work or have other commitments, and there will be some patients who may not have any support.

“Our drivers, who use their own cars, undertake around 13,000 patient journeys every year and often patients and their families wouldn’t actually be aware of who was helping them.

“The uniforms kindly supplied by Eureka Solutions have made a huge difference in not only raising awareness of our work but also making drivers easier to find for patients, especially if they are waiting for them in a hospital café, for example.

“This has increased the element of trust in the service, ensuring that patients know the driver is bona fide.

“The magnetic signage now carried on all the volunteer cars is another great development which helps the patient feel secure that their driver is ‘official’.”

The measures have improved the visibility of the service and made it easier for patients – often coping with stress and uncertainty – to recognise designated drivers and improve confidence in the free transport service.

With towns like Cumnock having the lowest car ownership rate in Scotland, and poor public transport links, the charity’s transport service has proved invaluable to Ayrshire patients who would otherwise face lengthy and challenging journeys to Glasgow.

Laura Brown added: “The car signage initiative has had another benefit – greater visibility of our brand has led to an increase in enquiries from patients who had previously been unfamiliar with the service.

“The relationship we enjoy with Eureka Solutions and the ongoing support we are receiving has been invaluable in improving our services, not only for patients, but also behind the scenes in improving our operational activities.”

Gillian Livingstone, C.O.O. of Eureka Solutions, said: “It is difficult to put a value on the close relationship we have with Ayrshire Cancer Support, with it being such a worthwhile charity that has been doing brilliant work in the community over the last 40 years.

“We are delighted to have been able to contribute in a meaningful way to make life just a little bit easier for Ayrshire residents who find themselves addressing serious health concerns and also in raising awareness of the charity and its essential work.”

To mark their 40-year milestone, the charity arranged a “ride out” involving a convoy of drivers in branded cars from Ayr to Kilmarnock and Irvine where they enjoyed birthday cake.

Based in East Kilbride, Eureka Solutions is a £4.5m-a-year business with 65 staff and clients across tech, sport, hospitality, non-profit, wholesale distribution, ecommerce and other sectors and is widely as a leader in unifying the business systems of growing organisations.

As well as specialising in financial and enterprise planning software NetSuite and Sage, Eureka Solutions also offers its proprietary systems integration tool Cloud Data Exchange.

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