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Top teen drag racer reveals how her suspected period pain in back turned out to be scoliosis

A TOP drag racer has revealed that suspected period pain in her lower back turned out to be debilitating scoliosis.

Kaitlan Deevey, one of Europe’s best teenage drag racers, said that doctors believed the pain she was experiencing in her back was due to her periods.

Four years later in February 2020, after continuing to be in pain, X-ray images revealed a 47 degree curve in Kaitlan’s spine caused by scoliosis.

The 17-year-old from East Finchley in London was given a back brace to help correct the bend.

However, having not been able to see a doctor until September due to Covid, the curve increased to 72 degrees, leaving her in need of emergency surgery.

Before this, Kaitlan drag raced for almost seven years but was forced to complete her last ever competition on her 16th Birthday in September 2020 months before surgery.

She was given the devastating blow that she would never race again.

Kaitlan believes if doctors had taken her “seriously” four years ago her scoliosis would not have been as severe.

Student Kaitlan said she now has to wear a back brace for at least another six months after continuing to feel pain down her spine.

She has now taken to social media to urge anyone experiencing lower back pain to push for help from doctors to avoid similar situations happening to them.

Kaitlan with her drag race trophies
Kaitlan was told that the pain was likely due to her period.

Speaking today, Kaitlan said: “I went to the doctors four years ago about lower back pain and they said they were not taking it any further as it was most likely period pains.

“If they took me seriously then I wouldn’t have had the surgery and could have avoided all the pain and misery.

“I then went to the doctor in February 2020 about a back ache. The doctor noticed I was tilting to the right a little and sent me for an X-ray, we found out my spine had a curve of 47°.

“I had a brace made in order to correct this, then Covid stuck. We weren’t able to go to the doctor again until September 2020.

“We then found out the curve of the spine had increased to 72° and I was then put down for emergency surgery.

“On my 16th birthday in September 2020 I had my last ever race, this impacted me very much as I’ve been doing this nearly my whole life.

“In October 2020 I had my surgery. I was in bed for days and had to learn how to walk, move, and function properly.

Kaitlans spine before the operation
Kaitlans spine before the operation.

“I then went to TikTok to share my journey.

“I give out advice, how I cope, information, tips on how to make recovery better and more.”

Kaitlan added: “I have had over 300 messages from teenagers all over the world asking for advice and what to do or what the signs of scoliosis are.

“I have raised so much awareness for scoliosis and made a lot of people understand what this is and how severe it really is.

“I messaged everyone back and helped them as much as I could. Nearly every single person contacted me months after saying that I have helped and if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t have had the surgery.

“This inspires me to help many more people out there. I’m so happy I have made a difference.

“I’m currently having physio as they are scared my spine may be curing through the metal, I’m having regular check ups.

“My future is now limited, I wanted to race bigger cars in drag racing going nearly 300mph but now I cannot, one wrong move and it may lead to death.

Kaitlan after the operation on her spine
Kaitlan had surgery where doctors broke her spine in order to re-align it.

“If I am injured in any way it may affect me for the rest of my life and I could become paralysed or suffer other serious consequences.

“I miss out on opportunities with my many things in the future whether it be with my social life or my dreams.

“It’s still hard to come to terms that my life will never be completely normal again.”

Kaitlan added that during her operation doctors broke her spine, straightened it and placed titanium around it to keep it in place.

She continued: “The worst part was I woke up a little early from the anesthetic so I was in bare pain, it’s the worst pain in the world. There are no words to describe it.

“My doctor said it’s like being hit by a car going 50mph, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

Kaitlan has now shared a series of TikTok’s about her journey, collecting over one million views and tens of thousands of likes and comments.

One person said: “You’re so strong.”

Another wrote: “Wow, I’m actually praying when I get this scan I don’t have to go for surgery.”

And one person commented: “You’ve come so far, well done.”

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