Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Top StoriesVideo shows mum's not-so-stealthy attempt to sneak a gift to her daughter

Video shows mum’s not-so-stealthy attempt to sneak a gift to her daughter

A WHOLESOME video shows a mum’s attempt at secretly delivering her daughter a Valentine’s present while trying to hide from a door cam.

Abbie Carey’s granddad would buy her a balloon and rose every year for Valentine’s Day but he sadly passed away last year.

Her mother, Louise Simpson, decided to continue the tradition and attempted to do so without being caught last month.

A heart-warming video shows Louise, 57, trying to sneak past the family’s Ring door camera to go to the shops while trying to duck down beneath the camera.

Attempting to dodge the camera sensors, Louise, from Birmingham, West Midlands, then appears again shortly after her trip but this time with a pink balloon for Abbie.

She again tries to sneak past the camera again but is outed by the balloon floating around near the camera.

She then places the balloon on the front door step before chapping the door and running into the garage to hide.

Louise hoped that 22-year-old Abbie would answer the door to find her gift.

But instead, her husband and Abbie’s stepdad answers instead and brings the thoughtful gift inside.

Abbie was handed the gift shortly after and was left in tears of joy.

She posted the video on TikTok last month, writing: “This is my mum sneaking out the house to buy me a Valentine’s Day present and then coming back, ringing the doorbell and sneaking into the garage.

“And my stepdad answered the door instead of me, very confused.

“She’s too cute. This woman is too precious, happy Valentine’s Day mum.”

The post has now collected over 53,000 views and more than 14,000 likes.

Hundreds of people left comments after loving the thoughtful gesture.

One said: “Everyone needs a mum like yours.”

Another said: “What a beautiful woman.”

And another wrote: “That’s absolutely brilliant she’d make such a good 007. It makes it better that your dad answered the door.”

While one added: “Protect your mum at all costs, she’s adorable.”

Speaking today, Abbie said: “It was Valentine’s Day and I have not long been single.

“My mum and stepdad brought each other cards and presents for Valentine’s Day and I watched them open them together.

Louise leaving the balloon outside
Abbie’s grandad used to buy her a balloon and a rose every year for Valentine’s Day.

“While I was working in the front room my mom came in and asked me if I was okay and I just kind of explained I was sad that I didn’t have any presents or cards to open.

“I got upset as my granddad used to buy me and my cousin a balloon and a rose for Valentine’s Day when I was younger and he passed away at the end of last year so I was feeling quite emotional. She gave me a hug and I carried on working.

“Not long later I heard the Ring Doorbell alarm go off. This was just the sound of the motion detector so I didn’t think much of it.

“About 20 minutes later the doorbell rang and my stepdad answered.

“Usually I do answer the door as I am the nearest to the door so when my stepdad answered he was very confused and actually thought my ex boyfriend had dropped it on my front door and ran off.

“I immediately knew it was my mom when she slipped in from the garage. She brought me a balloon, a card, and some chocolates.

“I came into the kitchen and burst into tears of joy and gave her a massive hug.”

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