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Shocking video shows couch and armchair hurtle off back of overloaded truck onto busy 60mph road

SHOCKING footage shows a couch and armchair come hurtling off the back of an overloaded truck onto a busy 60mph road.

The dopey driver who failed to secure the load was filmed by a driver following cautiously on Standing Stane Road in Leven, Fife, yesterday.

Footage shows the van travelling along the road while it is clearly overloaded, with the cream armchair and couch hanging off the back left hand side of the vehicle.

The van did not fasten it's load
The van did not fasten it’s load. (C). Fife Location Jammers

It seems as though the oblivious driver had not strapped the cargo down to secure it in the rear of the truck.

As the van hurtles along the busy road the chair, which has been idley placed on a mattress hanging over the flatbed of the van, begins to slide off.

The chair bundles off the van onto the road flipping and rolling as it collides with the tarmac.

Luckily, the following car is able to slow down and avert the oncoming furniture, whilst the woman filming can be heard saying: “Oh, there’s the chair gone.”

The armchair fell first
The armchair fell first. (C). Fife Location Jammers

Soon after the couch also slides off the vehicle, rattling off the road and completely flatting a road traffic sign on its way.

The chair finally rolls off of the road and comes to a halt on the grassy verge whilst the couch bounces to a standstill lying upside down in the middle of the road.

The blundering driver then seemingly realises the furniture has fallen and promptly stops.

Fife Jammer Locations shared the video to Facebook yesterday simply titling the footage by the name of the road: “Standing Stane.”

The post has received thousands of likes with hundreds of comments and shares from users who were quick to comment on how dangerous the careless driving was.

The armchair took out a road sign
The armchair took out a road sign. (C). Fife Location Jammers

Fiona Ewan said: “Wow, that could have been really serious.

“Just as well the driver was keeping their distance.”

Tish McEwan said: “I hope the Fife police let this driver know the error of their ways.”

Stewart Masson said: “Height of laziness if you can’t strap your load down properly.

“This person needs to change jobs.”

Ali Brown said: “What a complete tool.”

The couch lay face down in the middle of the road
The couch lay face down in the middle of the road. (C). Fife Location Jammers

Agnes Thomson added: “The chair was still lying there when I went past.

“I thought somebody had dumped it.”

Standing Stane Road has a very sad reputation for fatalities, since 2005 eight people have been killed in road traffic accidents.

Fife Council have voiced their support for an electronic sign to be installed on the road to alert motorists to different potential dangers depending on the situation.

If approved the sign will cost around £80,000 and it will be the first of its kind in Scotland.

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