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Bob Haircut Styles to Try This Year?

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Most people are reluctant to try the bob haircut because of the fear of chopping the hair. However, once you try the style, you won’t regret cutting your hair or even want to look back. 

The advantage of the bob is that it is versatile. You can style it in many ways and choose the length that suits you best. Whether you want a beachy vibe or a straight hairdo, a bob haircut is easy to style, and you can try any of these styles for a complete transformation.

Photo by Lany-Jade Mondou from Pexels
  1. Inverted Bob

If you don’t have a problem with colors on your hair, get a stylist to dye some strands blonde. It gives the hair more texture and volume, and the dark roots give it the illusion of more volume. The inverted bob haircut is easy to achieve and style. 

  1. Shoulder Length Bob

If you have shoulder-length hair, you don’t have to chop it to achieve the bob hairdo. Add some light highlights to match the curls. However, be picky with the dyes because they can mess up your hair. Consult or hire a specialist to do it for you. 

  1. Wavy Bob

Do you like your hair straight or wavy? If you are the wavy hair kind of a person, the wavy bob is a perfect style for you. Start the waves at the roots of the hair. You can use curling tools and creams to keep the curls all day. 

  1. Chin Length Bob

You do not need to have shoulder-length hair to look beautiful; the chin-length bob haircut is a perfect way to hide your stress and period spots. It also makes your face thinner, so first, ensure that your face shapes will fit this hairdo perfectly. 

  1. Short Bob

How good do you think you would look in blonde hair? If you decide to take that path, a short bob will look nice on you. However, remember that blonde hair is choosy with complexion, so you have to consult your stylist first. Choose an excellent bleach to avoid damaging your air. 

  1. Blunt Cut Bob

Ladies with a perfect cool skin undertone look perfectly good with the blunt-cut bob. However, this should not stop you from trying the hairdo. Also, if you have a round face, you can wear the choppy square cut. 

  1. Short Bob With Bangs

You know how a plain bob can be boring, so to add some light and admiration to the hairdo, ask your stylist to add some bangs. Get the long straight bangs with a side-swept fringe. You can change the style of the rest of the hair to your liking. 

  1. Choppy Angled Bob

You will never go wrong with a steeply angled bob. The hairdo gives the wearer a unique look that will make you stand out. You can also tease the crown by giving it a slight lift. 

  1. Messy Blonde Bob

If you have a girls’ night out, a chilled weekend, or work remotely, and messy blonde bob haircut will brighten your dull days. The messy waves give the hair more volume and texture. 

  1. Jaw Length Bob

You can choose to have a steeply angled inverted bob or a subtle style. Women with long faces would look good in the jaw length bob because it frames the face and flatters the facial features. 

  1. Blonde Bob And Choppy Ends

If you don’t feel the vibe of a straight blonde bob, you probably will like it with choppy ends. Also, adding some cool and warm undertones to the hairdo complements the skin undertones. 

  1. Bob With Long Side Bangs

The perfect hairdo for your beach vacation is here. Try the bob style with side bangs to get those beach vibes even before seeing the waters and colorful beach hotels. However, ensure you get a sea salt spray to keep the hair healthy. 

  1. Clavicle Length Bob Haircut

Women with thin hair can try this clavicle-length bob. It adds volume to the hair and some texture that you would not get if you left the hair flat. The greatest advantage of this haircut is its effortless style while being easy to maintain at the same time.

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