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Property and ConstructionAverage two-bed with quirky feature in basement reduced by a massive £350,000

Average two-bed with quirky feature in basement reduced by a massive £350,000

AN AVERAGE two-bedroom flat with a quirky feature hiding in the basement has been reduced by a massive £350,000.

The 1,270 sq ft property in Islington, London, was originally listed for sale in 2020 for £1.2 million but is now up for grabs for £850,000.

The most eye-catching feature in the unassuming flat, which is split across two floors, is the bespoke swimming pool and sauna on the lower ground floor.

The six metre long pool sits across from a glass wall separating a lounge area so friends and family can watch on.

The pool is under seven metres
The pool is under seven metres. (C). Foxtons

Above the pool is a part-glass ceiling that allows residents in the upstairs living room to peer down into the pool.

Swimmers looking for privacy can cover the glass section up with a panel that has been cut to measure.

A sauna, steam room and shower are located at one side of the pool room while an overlooking balcony has also been erected.

A spiral staircase leading up to the ground floor leads to the kitchen, living area and two modest bedrooms.

The view from the balcony looking over the pool
The view from the balcony looking over the pool. (C). Foxtons

The unique property also comes with a small patio area in the unassuming home located next to a Chinese restaurant.

Estate agent Foxtons listed the property for £950,000 last year but reduced the price down to £850,000 yesterday.

Describing the property, they said: “Set along Hornsey Road, this generous two bed flat boasts unique interiors and immaculate high ceilings.

“The lower ground floor showcases an indoor swimming pool that is accompanied by a luxurious steam room and sauna.”

The sauna and steam room
The sauna and steam room. (C). Foxtons

The listing caused a stir on social media yesterday after one house-browser Sarah Manning tweeted: “You don’t expect a two bedroom flat next to a Chinese takeaway on Hornsey Road to have its own swimming pool, which just shows a lack of imagination on your part.”

The tweet has been liked over 1,300 likes and received dozens of comments from baffled viewers.

One said: “I don’t understand and I speak floor plan.”

Another said: “This is particularly strange but also I kind of love it.”

The room also doubles as a home cinema
The room also doubles as a home cinema. (C). Foxtons

While another person added: “The whole house would smell of chlorine and be as damp as hell.

“Still, it would be better than actually leaving the house to set foot in Archway.”

And another commented: “The floor plan says 1,200 square feet, but the pictures tell another story.

“I can only imagine the horrors those walls have seen.

“A handy cleaning feature in the bathroom.”

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