Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Tradesman shares ingenious hack to avoid paying to use public loos

A TRADESMAN has shared an ingenious hack to avoid paying at public toilet turnstiles.

Roofer Blair Wilson said he was told about the nifty trick by a fellow tradesman whilst working in Ayr Beach, South Ayrshire, last week.

The cunning hack sees people using retractable measuring tapes to swipe past the sensor on the opposite side of the gate.

The sensor, which is usually used to allow users on the other side of the turnstile to exit, opens the gate for people to get in without issue.

Video shows 22-year-old Blair swiping his measuring tape through a gap in the glass gate and moving it past the motion sensor at the bottom of the machine.

The gate then opens, making the 30p entry sign redundant.

Blair, from Ayr, South Ayrshire, shared the hack to TikTok last week, writing: “Hack for anyone with a tape, I pay enough council tax.”

The video has now collected over 300,000 views and thousands of likes.

Viewers loved the hack and were delighted at the new money-saving trick.

One said: “My tapes never leaving my pocket again this is the best hack I’ve ever seen on TikTok.”

Measuring tape turnstile hack
The hack allows anyone with a measuring tape to pass the turnstiles without paying.

Another said: “Not all hero’s wear capes my friend.”

A third said: “Taking a tape measure everywhere I go from now on.”

A fourth added: “Oh I like it, we need a lot more tips like this in these times.”

While another wrote: “Definitely taking a tape measure next time I go to Kings Cross!”

Speaking today, Blair said: “That was my first time using it.

“I was talking to a tradesman at my work about having to pay to use them.

“He said using a tape or stick and triggering the censor on the other side might work so I gave it a try and it did.

“I’ve only used it once as I’ve not been back since.”

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