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Famous walrus returns to the Arctic after visiting Scotland and the Netherlands

A FAMOUS walrus has returned back to the Arctic after making pit-stops in Scotland and the Netherlands.

Freya, who visited the Coast of Shetland’s West Mainland In November and December last year, returned to a more natural climate in the Arctic on Tuesday.

The well-travelled walrus had been spotted over recent months visiting Germany, the Netherlands, England and Scotland.

Freya was pictured sleeping on the dock in Skjeberg
Freya snapped in Norway on Tuesday. Credit: Rune Aae

During her time in the Netherlands in October, Freya, who is thought to weigh three quarters of a tonne, was snapped resting atop a Navy submarine.

Then during her trip to Shetland in December she was spotted resting on the side of a salmon cage at the isle of Vementry.

This week, the young mammal was found snoozing on the dock at Skjeberg Marina in Ostfold, Norway.

Rune Aae, assistant professor of natural science at Ostfold University College, captured images of the rotund animal sleeping peacefully at the end of the wooden dock.

Freya on the dock
Freya gave onlookers a withering look. Credit: Rune Aae

A close up of her face shows her two large tusks poking out from her mouth, one of which is seemingly coated in blood.

Another image shows Freya, who appears to have been begrudgingly awoken from her nap, giving onlookers a withering look.

A final photo shows a group of four people watching intently just meters away from where she was relaxing.

Rune shared images on social media yesterday, writing: “Let’s hope we’ll have her here for a while, but given her urge to swim on, it seems more of a dream than a reality.

“At least the wound on the luff has healed nicely, and she seems to be in good shape with no signs of fatigue or illness.

“She is a great sight where she lies on the pier and doesn’t care about all the virus that has occurred, but if we keep a good distance, she might choose to stay a few more days.”

His post received 372 likes and dozens of comments from people who had been following Freya’s journey.

Nina Torhaug said: “Exciting that you have found out so much about her. Hope the whale is doing well. We rarely see animals like this here.”

Ninne Aas Flydal said: “A walrus was observed at Tjøme last week, it is probably the same individual.”

Bjorn Ottersen said: “What a journey it was, have a nice trip ahead.”

Christer Jakobsen said: “I love it, thank you Rune.”

Henriette Saebo said: “So much fun, good thing we have you Rune who can show where she has been.”

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