Wednesday, June 29, 2022
BusinessScots company launches fund worth £100,000 for struggling tenants

Scots company launches fund worth £100,000 for struggling tenants

A SCOTS COMPANY has today launched a fund worth £100,000 for their tenants struggling with the rising cost of energy prices. 

Albyn Housing Society, a social landlord that owns and manages 3,700 properties in 70 communities across the Highlands, expects the fund to only last a few days. 

The fund is part of a package of measures to support its many tenants struggling financially with energy bills and the cost of living

Albyn Housing Society's Ness-side project
Albyn Housing Society’s Ness-side. Credit: Albyn Housing Society

The society hopes to stop Highland residents from being charged more for energy bills than elsewhere in the UK and has appealed to MSP’s and MP’s for help. 

A large proportion of the United Kingdom’s energy is produced in the Highlands where it can be found that residents pay up to 4p more per unit of energy.

The company is also calling for an immediate review into the eligibility rules for the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund.

Ness-side homes
Albyn Housing Society build homes like this across the Highlands. Credit: Albyn Housing Society

They are doing so as Albyn are currently excluded from the fund due to their communities being spread over a larger geographical area than most Scottish housing associations. 

Kirsty Morrison, interim CEO of Albyn Housing Society, said: “Hundreds of our customers are in desperate need, struggling with energy costs, fuel and food leading to unprecedented rising living costs. While this is being experienced across the entire country, residents in the north of Scotland are also paying the equivalent of a Highland Energy Tax.

“Our tenants can just about see their energy being produced from their doorstep, but they pay the highest energy costs per unit in the UK, up to 4p per unit more. 

“With cooler temperatures, this energy is often needed more to heat and power homes.

“Most of the area we cover is not connected to gas supplies so our tenants have limited energy choices, which are often more expensive, including electric or oil systems.

“While the £100,000 Albyn Energy Fund will provide vital financial assistance, it won’t last for long, so we want the UK and Scottish governments to step in and end the unfair Highland Energy Tax once and for all.”

Drew Hendry, MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey said: “People are already struggling to make ends meet and are terrified about the impact these astronomical energy price hikes will have on their household budgets. 

“The situation is even bleaker here in the Highlands as many households are off-grid, and already pay more per unit for electricity than households in other regions across the UK.

“I am so pleased that Albyn has put together this emergency package of measures to help tenants with rising energy bills. Without a doubt, this new fund will make a huge difference to tenants who are facing the choice between heating their homes or putting food on the table.”

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