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What Are the Best Digital Marketing Tools for Startups?

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Startup levels have boomed through the pandemic. From people taking a chance on a dream after losing their jobs to those who simply felt that going it alone was a better option, millions are now choosing to work for themselves. Maybe you are one of the many millions who have taken the plunge and have even got a self employed business address. But did you know that around half of new businesses don’t make it past the 5-year mark? In these digital times, one of the best ways to futureproof your operation is to market yourself online. Digital marketing is your shop window to the world. For startups, it will bring the customers you need to your door, and best of all, it doesn’t need to break the bank. Read on for some of the best digital marketing tools for your startup.

Google Analytics

You can’t hope to grow your startup without insights on your customers, and that’s why Google Analytics is an absolute must have. If you want to know if your digital marketing strategy is paying off, this is the software to use. It’s easy to add to your website and it will let you know who is viewing your site, where they came from, how they found you and what they do while they’re with you. Armed with these insights, you can direct your efforts to what’s working, and amend or abandon what isn’t. Get this tool into your operation without delay. And don’t worry about the price – it’s free!


In the post-Covid world, remote and hybrid working, which kept whole industries afloat at the height of the pandemic, will be a normal part of millions of businesses. Unless you’re a true one-man-band, then getting communications flowing accurately between you and your team is paramount. With all the different ways of communicating – email, texts, WhatsApps, Skype and even good old fashioned phone calls – it’s easy for everything to become cluttered and confused. Slack keeps everything simple and located in one place. It’s flexible, accessible and is great for managing projects. It can be easily integrated with many other online tools too. If you have a small team – Slack is free.


Social media is everywhere, with enormous audiences the world over. Love it or loathe it, you cannot have a truly successful digital marketing strategy without it. It can make your brand purr with engagements and is great at driving conversions and sales. But there are so many platforms to choose from, and it is a time-consuming headache to manage your activity on them. Enter HootSuite – the tool that manages your social media presence for you. You can schedule your posts on across social media platforms in advance, and you can do it all centrally on HootSuite. You can monitor your posts (again centrally) and even reply to comments and mentions. There are other great features too! HootSuite makes your social media marketing just so much simpler, and although you need to pay for more advanced features, the free package is great for startups.


Professional-looking and slick visuals are a must for businesses. Logos, posters, presentations and of course, social media post imagery, will give your brand credibility and cut-through. Unless you happen to be a graphic designer, this can be a problem, and hiring a pro can be expensive. Here’s where Canva should be your go-to as a startup. With Canva you can create almost every visual marketing material you can think of. It is super-easy to use with most tasks performable with a drag and drop of your mouse. You can share links with team members to allow them to work on the designs too. The software includes hundreds of photos and illustrations, and there are design templates for everything you could want. Canva’s basic package is free, and the paid packages all come with a lot of extra features – and they are not expensive.

Final Thoughts

Successful startup entrepreneurs are creative, innovative bundles of energy armed with passion about their businesses. But they’re all desperately time-poor, and it is very easy for digital marketing strategy to take a back seat. But it is something no startup can ignore. Get it right, and you’ll engage, inform and retain your customers. It’ll drive sales and revenue and will help you grow. The above digital marketing tools are just a few or the hundreds of online tools out there that can take the strain of marketing your business away. Most of them have features with much to recommend and many of them are free. Make them part of your digital marketing arsenal and you will not look back.

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