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“They need a visit from Begbie” – Irvine Welsh slams Tories for using famous Trainspotting-style speech

TRAINSPOTTING writer Irvine Welsh has slammed the Tories for using his famed ‘Choose Life’ monologue as inspiration behind their new posters.

The Scots author was not impressed last night when the Scottish Conservatives tweeted their version of the well-known speech while criticising the SNP.

The party decided to change the wording from the scene in the 1993 novel to list reasons why people should vote for them on May 5.

Irvine Welsh
Irvine Welsh was not happy that the Scottish Conservatives used his work for their party. Credit: Deadline News

Welsh, from Leith, Edinburgh, quickly shared the adapted poster on Twitter while bluntly writing: “Get f****d you c***s.”

The post from the Scottish Conservatives official Twitter page, read: “Choose life without the SNP.

“Vote Scottish Conservative on May 5.”

The original Trainspotting poster. Credit: Irvine Welsh

The poster then lists a number of controversial issues where the Scottish National Party has been called into question.

Those included the doomed Ferguson marine, the idea of cutting off school classroom doors to improve ventilation and ferries which had painted on windows.

The tweet was in the style of Mark Renton’s speech in Welsh’s 1993 novel Trainspotting where his protagonist urges his friends to do more and ‘Choose Life’.

Many social media users were quick to agree with Welsh’s reply to the poster.

Jan McLachlan said: “They need a visit from Begbie.”

Jack Monroe said: “The f*****g audacity, oh my god.”

Sean Campbell said: “How dare they man.”

Scott Byrne said: “Sue them.”

However not everyone was quick to agree with Welsh and some made speculation that he felt guilt over Scotland’s drugs record.

Daz Boot said: “He got triggered by ‘worst drugs deaths in Europe’ because deep down, he knows that Trainspotting glamourised heroin use and he is partly responsible.”

Catherine Moorehead said: “Life without the SNP would make Scotland an immensely better place.”

It is not the first time that Welsh has had a run in with the Tories.

He has been consistently opposed to Boris Johnson’s premiership, branding him ‘a gormless toff’ in April last year.

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