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NewsShocking video shows car flipping onto side after hitting infamous road-narrowing scheme

Shocking video shows car flipping onto side after hitting infamous road-narrowing scheme

A SHOCKING video shows a car hurtling towards an infamous road-narrowing scheme before colliding with a steel bollard and flipping onto its side.

Tim Vigor, 53, captured the collision outside his home on Woodmere Avenue in Watford, Herts on Saturday where 11 cars crashed in just four weeks in October last year.

The road-narrowing measures were introduced over a decade ago and have since claimed “hundreds” of cars and vans who approach the section too quickly.

The video shows two cars approaching the narrow gap from the right-hand side before the first driver navigates his way successfully past the crash hotspot.

However, the trailing Honda Civic misjudges the gap and slams their bonnet into the front of one of the bollards.

Momentum carries the rear of the vehicle high into the air doing a full 180 degree flip before it crashes down and lands facing completely the opposite direction.

The car comes to a halt whilst the song Please Don’t Go by KWS blares out from inside the vehicle.

Footage from another angle shows three onlookers gather around the car, helping one of the occupants clamber out from the passenger side door.

In a third and final clip, the group of people has grown, with several of them trying repeatedly to flip the car back over onto its wheels, but to no avail.

Tim shared the compilation of videos to Facebook on Saturday writing: “Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this happens”.

A group of people attempting to roll the flipped car back over.
A group of people gathered round the car to rescue the occupant and attempt to roll it back onto its wheels. (C) Tim Vigor

The post has now collected hundreds of likes and comments from users who were shocked by the clip.

Helen Rose said: “Good grief I hope everyone is ok. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, it must be terrifying.”

Darren Woolven joked: “Please Don’t Go by KWS is a quality tune to crash to “

Matt Rooke added: “Seriously impressive incompetence from the council this width
restriction is still here, but bloody great viewing for those on Facebook.

“I hope the driver’s okay.”

Simon May quipped: “KWS with Please Don’t Go only adds to the spectacular nature of this video.“

Karen Mak commented: “Bloody hell that’s extraordinary! Is everyone okay?”

Speaking in the comments section, Tim seems to indicate that the driver of the vehicle fled the scene after the crash.

Tim said: “He left his licence in the glove box after he did a runner, I’ll ask the police to let him know.”

Tim also confirmed that all those involved in the crash were safe and unharmed.

The width restrictions on Woodmere Avenue have previously attracted attention after Tim filmed 11 crashes over the course of four weeks in October last year.

The restrictions hit the headlines at the time as Tim and other locals voiced their frustrations at Hertfordshire County Council’s lack of action over the bollards.

However, no changes appear to have been made to the width restriction and the problem continues to persist.

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