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Bizarre video shows dedicated workie cutting grass at side of A9 – during heavy snowfall

A BIZARRE video shows a dedicated workman cutting the grass at the side of a busy carriageway – during heavy snowfall.

Fraser Bonthrone couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the hardy workman at the side of the A9 by the village of Evanton in Easter Ross, Scottish Highlands yesterday.

The 43-year-old HGV driver had pulled into the layby when he spotted the strange sight and started filming.

Video shows the Bear Scotland employee attempting to strim the snow-covered greenery while dressed in orange high-vis trousers and a yellow high-vis jacket.

The man appears to be paying particular attention to an area surrounding the barriers to the side of the busy road.

Heavy snowflakes are shown falling down around him while the ground is already covered in a blanket of snow.

However, the turn in weather didn’t hold back the employee who carried on his duties with a strimmer machine strapped around his torso.

Trying to reach the grass below, the worker waves the strimmer back and forth across the ground before the clip comes to an end.

Fraser shared the video on social media yesterday, writing: “You’ve got to laugh, Bear Scotland can’t repair the pot holes on the A9 but they can cut the grass in the snow.

“I have seen it all now.”

The video has now collected over 260,000 views and thousands of likes.

Hundreds of viewers left comments after being left baffled by the clip.

Kenneth Davies said: “Wtf, who is the idiot? The one tasked with the job or the one that told him to do it.”

Workie cutting grass in snow
The workman was seemingly unbothered by the heavy snowfall.

Kelly Simpson said: “You can’t make this s**t up.”

George Simpson said: “Who is worse, the jobsworth of a foreman who sent him out, or the idiot who made out the job sheet and signed it off?”

Rory Macaskill said: “It’s like when the boss sees you coming so you need to look busy.”

James Findlay said: “Some effort, the strimmer needs a snow brush.”

Speaking today, Fraser from Dornoch, Sutherland, said: “I was travelling to Inverness on the A9 when I stopped in one of the laybys at Evanton.

“A transit-like van pulled in behind me and two men got out with grass cutting gear which I couldn’t believe, especially when it was snowing quite heavy and the grass was white?

“Next thing, the guy with the strimmer started cutting the grass around the safety barrier in front of me.

“I thought ‘I need to film this’ as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

A spokesperson at BEAR Scotland said: “As required by our contract with Transport Scotland, the season for grass cutting on the Trunk Roads has commenced.

“The works this week have been impacted by somewhat unseasonal snow showers, and whilst we admire the dedication of our landscaping team, on this occasion, the works should have stopped.

“The team have been reminded.”

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