Wednesday, August 17, 2022
UncategorizedHow Infusing Technology into Law helped Robert Dominguez Scale his Venture

How Infusing Technology into Law helped Robert Dominguez Scale his Venture

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Technology is changing the law profession enabling automation of several processes. Unlike some years ago when you had to deal with lots of paperwork, many processes are now simplified, partly due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

The pandemic has forced lawyers to step up and adopt new approaches, which has, in turn, made their job easier and improved the accessibility and the quality of legal services offered. As the field continues to evolve, Robert Dominguez is one of the practitioners that has been leading the changes with his strategies enabling him to scale his venture.

Dominguez has infused technology in his law practice, allowing him to get better results for his clients while making the process faster. He has invested in the latest and most advanced equipment that gives him an upper hand and enables his team to get all the evidence they need quickly.

In this day and age, you can find any information that you need on social media, says Dominguez. He adds that with CCTVs and almost everyone having a smartphone, it is quite easy to know who was in the wrong when an accident occurred; therefore, a victim and the lawyer can gather evidence to go to court to plead their case.

Together with his team at The Founders Law, where he is the founding partner, Dominguez has made it his mission to help all his clients get justice and support them throughout the journey. They have reduced paperwork by adopting more efficient ways of communication, which is making the work easier and faster.

The legal system is complicated, and it can be challenging trying to grasp what is being said for someone who is not used to legal terms. To help his clients better understand, Dominguez has developed a personalized legal plan designed to get the best outcome possible and ensure his clients find justice.

He tackles each situation differently, taking his time to understand his client and what transpired. Dominguez is also educating the community on the different personal injury cases and the proper steps to take. Through his Instagram page, Dominguez posts informative content sharing some of the tips and lessons he has learned. By doing so, he is teaching people more about law and what to do when you or a loved one is a victim of an accident.

 He says their diversity as a group and the experience they have acquired working in various fields is helping them bring a new approach to the table and make the job easier for all. The Founders Law is using modern techniques founded upon traditional methods to serve their clients with the most effective means available and get the best outcome possible.

Looking into the future, their goal is to continue serving the people of Florida, opening more offices in the region, and giving the less privileged an opportunity to be heard. Dominguez says he is also planning to open a charity organization to support youngsters to get access to better education.

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