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Property hunter hatches detailed requirements for Scottish poultry farm

A PROPERTY hunter has drawn up a very specific list of requirements in search of suitable Scottish poultry farm.

The client of DM Hall, the Scottish independent firm of chartered surveyors, is on the hunt for a minimum 16-acre piece of land. 

With funds already in place, and plans to either acquire or lease, the land seeker is more than assured in what they are looking for. 

The hopeful buyer certainly knows what they are looking for in the site of a proposed poultry farm. (C) William Moreland via Unsplash

In terms of location, anywhere in Scotland will be placed under consideration, though a “very broad delineation” of the central belt is of specific interest. 

The site, which would employ a significant number of staff if the move was completed, would be preferred subject to planning permission. 

However, a long-term lease option of between 30 and 40 years is also an option for the potential buyer. 

Not willing to risk contending with any noisy neighbours, it has been requested that the nearest property is a minimum of 500 metres away from the proposed site. 

Hygiene is another key concern, with good drainage required and any contamination on site pushing the deal off the table.

A sea-view is certainly not high on the agenda though, as it is the requirements specify that there should be no open water nearby.

This is so to ensure waterfowl and migratory birds do not interfere with the poultry, with some, particularly geese, known for being aggressive in the mating season.

While welcoming winged visitors, it is important that the site is far away from low flying aircrafts, or any other high noise contributors. 

The meticulous hopeful is not only in search of land to keep poultry, but also a living space too. 

Either existing or achievable supporting residential accommodation is another crucial requirement, with a reliable mains water supply a must. 

Jennifer Campbell, Head of Rural Agency at DM Hall, said: ““This is an attractive opportunity for landholders to capitalise on their assets while helping create new prosperity and job opportunities in Scotland.”

Across the industry, farm business income increased by an average £10,000 courtesy of lower income costs, according to the Scottish government. 

Should any land owners believe they meet the lengthy criteria put forward, they are advised to send the full details to Ms Campbell by emailing her at [email protected], or by phoning 07909 917540. 

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