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All You Need to Know on The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

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The casino industry is a very competitive one, probably the most competitive, so all the participating companies are doing everything possible to survive the moment. And one of those many ways is through Bitcoin casino bonuses; they try as much as they can to motivate their members to stick around. This is not peculiar to Bitcoin casinos; it also involves the traditional online casino platforms. 

Photo by Micha? Parzuchowski on Unsplash
Photo by Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

They introduced an array of bonuses into the system to make it more attractive to prospective members and give old members a reason to stick around. But since we are interested in bitcoin casino platforms, we will be limiting our information to it. To understand how the Bitcoin casino bonus works, understand the workings, as in, how it is measured.

But mind you, in as much as finding a good bitcoin casino platform that can offer you nice bonuses can make you have fun, getting a bad one can cost you. Some likely implications of getting a bad online bitcoin casino include restricting your winnings and waiting a long time to get a reply from customer support; the list goes on and on; you don’t want to go through these processes. Nevertheless, you still need to understand how the bitcoin casino works, how they give out bonuses, and how they give out these bonuses.

Bonuses on Bitcoin Casino Platforms

No-Deposit Bonuses

Unlike conventional online casinos, bitcoin casino platforms offer bonuses to members without really making deposits. But you will be allowed to participate in some promotions that will make you stand a chance to win real money. But there are conditions for withdrawal: you must stake at least one bet before withdrawing your winnings. Most platforms don’t address it by name; they prefer calling it a “free cash” offer. Some platforms have discontinued this type of offer because most players abuse it. 

Deposit Bonus

These are the commonest ones and peculiar to traditional online casino platforms. This is where you are offered back a specified amount of BTC when you make your first deposit. But you will have to go through the terms and conditions section of the platform you want to use. You will understand the exact percentage they give back to bettors on their first deposit. These bonuses can range from 10%, 30%, or 50%. In most cases, big Bitcoin casino platforms offer a 100% deposit bonus.

Free Spin Bonuses

This is where you are allowed to go for a free spin, but there are conditions; you have to understand them before proceeding. The free spin bonus comes in different types: free spins with a deposit bonus, ones that don’t require deposits, and free spins are offered to regular customers for their loyalty. This type of bonus usually comes through an email offer (check terms and conditions). And also, there are free spins that come as a bonus round in a slot game: but that is if you are lucky enough to get it. 

Bonus Codes

This offer requires eligible bettors to enter a particular code on their first deposit to get a particular bonus. This is new, but the thing is, bonus code deals give players more bonuses than the ones we mentioned above. This is also why you need to read through the platform’s terms and conditions; it will allow you to understand how much bonus each platform offers its members. But not all bitcoin casino platforms offer this kind of bonus in codes; some prefer to post theirs as a link. 

Faucet Bonuses

The faucet bonus is a special offer offered by bitcoin casino platforms; it is a reward system that creates a special page where eligible bettors can go to claim this bonus. Bitcoin casino platforms use the faucet bonuses to lure new members into their platform and make the whole gambling process more exciting. But you will have to perform some tasks to qualify. If you make it through, you will be rewarded with a particular amount of crypto (not necessarily the BTC). 

Bitcoin casinos are gradually gaining ground; it is just a matter of time before their popularity becomes widespread. So, when you finally decide to participate in a bitcoin casino, make sure you leverage these bonuses. Again, since not all countries support bitcoin transactions, you might want to consider using the VPN.

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