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Basics of Online Slots

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The modern gambling industry is a powerful source of entertainment for many people all over the world. One of the favorite games is a variety of online slots that provide the possibility of winning for everyone. However, do one need to apply special strategies to get a prize? Sometimes it can be helpful, but with slots, it is better to understand how do they work.

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Let us discover the magnificent world of slots, their organization, and their basics. Such information will be definitely useful for both beginners and advanced players and will help to get the best experience ever while playing this game. 

Basics of the Game

A single mechanism of each slot machine is made up of several details that have their functions and role. Different actions are dependent on them: symbols and chains are demonstrated on the reels, the bets are made via the control panel together with the choice of overall settings, the commands are done by software. Just imagine how interesting is the machine that you can operate so easily! 

The main principle of the machine

The software inside the machine can bring only a certain amount of profit. It is indicated as an RTP (Return to Player) indicator and differs according to the developer. This value shows how much the machine gives back. 

Generally, the figure is determined as 85-95%, sometimes it can be higher. But it is not going to be 100%, because the club should earn something at least to provide the maintenance of the machines.

Let us take an example:

  • A gamer has chosen an online platform, the machine, and has made a bet. 
  • The program fixed it and the rotation is starting instantly. 
  • After they halt, some signs appear on the screen. They may comprise the winning combination or not. The player will understand the result at once.

Can you predict or control the return? Unfortunately, that is impossible. No matter, for how long are you going to stay in the game. The program is constantly working according to the specified software. It is not ‘thinking’ about the fact of who is going to get a prize. The operation occurs automatically according to the existing algorithm.

Still, as a gamer, you have to always choose the licensed clubs. When the slot is legal, you always have chances to win and the total loss is almost impossible. However, while playing the pirated copy the RTP level can be turned less than 10%. In this case, the gamer can only dream about the prize. The more time he or she spends in the game the huge will be the total loss of money.

Also, keep in mind that the RTP value is working quite randomly through the gaming sessions. That means that one gamer is going to get winning combinations often, while the rest will play for the algorithm. 

In a nutshell, there is no way to predict the result of the game. However, here lies the interest to it. It creates an exciting atmosphere and encourages you to try your luck. 

What bet could I place?

If you are playing for the first time, especially online, first carefully read through the betting rules. They are a bit different in land-based and online clubs, and also differ according to the organization. For example, many online dealers provide the denomination that can be confusing for inexperienced gamers. 

Let us discuss the following situation: 

  • the machine has a face value of 0.1;
  • if you select this value and activate 8 lines, 0.8 coins will be your debit for one spin. 

In the land-based establishments, such a process is not used, coins are not divided and serve only as a whole. However, this idea helps to diminish the risk and place a bet smaller than one penny. That is especially good for beginners who want to understand the rules and do not lose too much at the same time.

Only after you have clearly understood the rules of placing a bet, you can start to play for bigger sums.

Reels and their role in the game

The traditional slots are always equipped with spinning reels:

  • They are vertical lines, which amount can be different – starting from three in the first existing machines and up to 9 and more in the most recent options.
  • Each reel has cells with special symbols. 
  • The rotation occurs separately, but when it stops the halt is done at once. 
  • If the stop happened on the gamers’ line, the move is winning and the player gets the prize. 
  • If there is no matching between the pictures, the player loses money and should start again in order to win.

The modern external design can be totally different. For example, in some earlier versions fruits as pictures became popular and there is a generation of so-called ‘fruit machines’. Nowadays you can find actors and famous people in the pictures and everything else that you can imagine. Moreover, online clubs attract their visitors by providing innovations like 3D or video slots, or even virtual reality. So, the visual experience is totally exciting.

How to become a winner?

No doubt, all the avid players desire to win. But what one should know to make it a reality? Are there any secrets and how can we influence the game if it is totally automatic? Of course, the gamer needs a bit of luck, but it is also worth considering the main components of winning. It is definitely much better to know what to look for in pursuit of victory.

Symbols and combinations for winning

Each machine is equipped with a special set of symbols. They often are represented as pictures, depending on the theme of the machine. Previously, there were some traditional and popular options such as ‘777’, ‘BAR’, different fruits, etc. Actually, the existing variety was not very big until the middle of the XX century.

Modern creative developers use their imagination and provide us with a totally fascinating world of games. You will find storylines from movies, favorite characters and famous people, and much more. All these are made in order to create more attractive games and hold the visitor on the platform and inside the game. Of course, you can also find the traditional options if you prefer them.

How does the winning combination appear on the screen? The whole process consists of the following steps:

  • the gamer selects the number of active lines depending on the machine and its possibilities, the personal decision, and experience;
  • the rotation starts;
  • it stops at a certain moment or after the manual halt if it is possible;
  • the effectiveness of the rotation is determined by the program according to the number of matches;
  • after the successful move, the prize is shown on the screen.

Also, the player can have a look at all valid combinations. They are revealed in the dynamic payout table – the corresponding button is generally placed on the control panel. According to the current rate, the possible combinations can change.

Keep in mind that each machine has more and less expensive icons. Moreover, the requirements for the winning combination also differ. For example, two symbols in a row may be enough for winning in one machine and another one starts from three or even more. Chains can be working in directions from left to right or vice versa or in both directions.

Therefore, the general advice is to pay attention to rules and use this information to play successfully and not only enjoy the game, but also win some funds.

What are paylines?

The term means the directions in which the combination is counted as winning. These lines can pass in various directions not only horizontally or diagonally. It depends on the machine and the software. When identical images fell out in a row they are considered as winning if their location corresponds to the active line. Therefore, sometimes gamers are trying to activate all the chains at once to increase their chances to get the desired combination.

Depending on the machine, the number of lines can be changed manually. Sometimes the developer fixes them and you cannot change anything. Keep in mind that as a general rule the more directions are activated, the higher is the bet.

The explanation of multipliers

To make the game more attractive and as a kind of bonus, the machines often have so-called multipliers. They increase the amount of the winning for some combination. It may happen through the simple or the bonus game. The latter happens more often. Pay attention to this possibility because it increases your chances to get a prize.

The rules of operating for multiplier are as follows:

  • it can be represented as a random symbol that is moving freely on the screen and increases the current prize;
  • an additional window may appear and contain a multiplier, which will be given for match or collection of some special symbols;
  • the multiplier can be used for the loss of a designated combination.

Online clubs may provide even more options, so read the rules and take advantage of the existing benefits.

The definition of RNG

At last, the Random Number Generator is needed for the operation of the machine. It is the heart of its proper work and creating winnings. This program was developed by a range of specialists in different areas including math and psychology. The player cannot predict the algorithm. Moreover, for the developer or owner of the club, it is also impossible. For example the Best Online Casino in Ireland is using Random Number Generator you can check them. 

The interesting fact about the generator is that it exists without memory, so the combinations are created randomly, and you cannot apply any logic in order to predict the results.

When the gamer launches the machine, the RNG generates a hundred numbers per minute, to assign at last a certain combination. After the halt of the machine, one of the sequences is fixed and you see the symbols on the screen.

Should we trust the RNG? The answer is yes, especially if the developer of the machine is reliable. All the trustworthy companies test their software in the laboratories, provide verification and then get a certificate that confirms the fairness of the operation.

Altogether, slot machines seem to be quite a simple entertainment. But as far as we are concerned they involve a lot of work and creativity of their developers. They are constantly working on innovations and try to surprise and attract gamers with the most recent and interesting new features. 

Therefore, carefully select a trustworthy online club to play with, pay attention to the existing rules and enjoy the game. It is hard to imagine that one can win millions via this game, but the small and constant prizes are guaranteed by reliable companies. This game is totally amazing and even in an online mode can immerse you in the reality of a gambling establishment.

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