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Steps To Start Your Vaping Journey

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Vaping has grown increasingly popular over the last few years, and there are definitely good reasons for it. Vaping has long been known to be much less harmful and toxic to the body compared to smoking. Hence, for the smokers out there who are looking for a healthier alternative, or are trying to quit smoking, vaping may be a step in the right direction for them. However, the learning curve to pick up vaping may be rather steep, so it is definitely important to fully understand how vaping works, and the steps required before you start trying it out. If you’re looking to buy vapes, you should also check out elf bar website with free delivery.

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This article is a perfect introduction for those of you who are just starting out your vaping journey, and are looking for more information about the different vaping equipment you need, and how to go about using this equipment. Continue reading below and you will be equipped with all the essential information you need to begin vaping.

If I am a new vaper, what is the first thing I should do?

We first have to address some of the key information when it comes to vaping. Especially for the long term smokers out there who are transitioning into vaping, you should be aware that the vaping experience will be very unlike smoking. Vape smoke is known to taste much better than smoking, and this can also be attributed to the fact that the vapour actually hits your throat in a different way as compared to cigarette smoke. Hence, you should most definitely practice and begin with smaller hits until you’ve gained more experience with vaping.

For the absolute beginners at vaping, the learning curve for you will be steeper, and you might feel as though the process can be extremely intense and overwhelming especially when you have never experienced anything like it before. If the vape vapour is too much for you to bear, you should know that most vape kits provide the added functionality of customising your preferred thickness of vapour that will be produced. Feel free to tailor the thickness of your vapour according to your preferences.

Did you know that the ingredient components of the vape juice can actually affect how it hits your throat? Juices that contain a high concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) relative to other ingredients tend to be more smooth, while juices with a high concentration of propylene glycol (PG) would provide you with the ability to produce bigger clouds. Based on what you are looking for throughout your vaping experience, you can choose the level of concentration in the different ingredients of your vape juice. If you aren’t too sure of what you like, you can also test out the different juices and make your decision from there.

While the process of learning how to vape may seem daunting, it really can be very simple. Although many vape kits can offer a multitude of different options for you to choose from, there are also other alternatives. You can find vape kits that already have all the basic features in place when you purchase them, making the learning process a lot more simple especially when you are a beginner.

What should a vape kit for beginners contain?

So, what even is a starter kit when it comes to vaping? A starter kit usually would contain a vaping tool that you can use immediately. For the normal vaping kits out there, they usually do come with other features such as batteries or even coils, which allows the customer to have the options of customisation. Hence, depending on your experience with vaping, you can choose to purchase the different kits accordingly.

A starter kit would usually take three different forms of either the vape mods, pens or pods. Vape mods offer the most customisation but can be rather complicated to pick up, especially for beginners.

For vape pens and pods, the level of difficulty is similar in nature. Some beginners think that vape pods are more convenient due to the fact that they use disposable juice pods which can be thrown away after it has been used up. On the other hand, vape pens are refillable in nature, and hence, once you have used up all the juice, you can simply throw it away.

As a beginner, should I use vapes or box mod starters kits?

With the extensive options available when it comes to picking out a vape starter kit, how do you choose the best one if you are just a beginner? If you have never vaped before, the best starter kits would be those that come with the basic functions. Vape pens are definitely much simpler and more user-friendly compared to box mods.

Box mods get their name from the product structure itself, being that it has a large structure and contain batteries that are boxy in shape. The batteries are connected to huge tanks which provide them with extremely long battery life. 

For the beginners out there, you may find that vape mods can be overwhelming due to the extensive number of options they offer. Vape pens may be a better alternative for beginners, due to their easy functionalities and simplicity of the product itself. 

Vaping for the first time

If you are vaping for the very first time, you should definitely set the temperature low, which will help to reduce the thickness of your clouds, making it less intensive for your lungs. Just a tip for those who are drawing a hit for the very first time: Do not attempt to inhale too much of the vapour. You should start small, and then build up from there.

Do vape starter kits come with juice?

Most starter kits do not actually provide you with vape juice, due to the regulations that come with the ingredient nicotine in the juice itself. Hence, you should definitely do some research about the type of vape juice which would best suit you.

How much do vape starter kits cost?

Vape starter kits are relatively inexpensive, with mid-range products costing less than $30. 


We’ve covered most of the vaping fundamentals in this article, and we hope that you are more well informed in making your decisions now. 

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