Wednesday, June 29, 2022
NewsBarbershop chorus singer hits high notes with £1m national lottery win

Barbershop chorus singer hits high notes with £1m national lottery win

A FALKIRK resident and barbershop chorus singer has told of his plans following his incredible £1m National Lottery win in the EuroMillions.

John Wallman, 76, who is originally from Cornwall but now lives in Falkirk, found out about his win from an early morning notification on his mobile phone.

After having played EuroMillions via the National Lottery app, the retired construction manager is now planning a new house and a holiday getaway to celebrate his good luck.

After retiring, John has since spent his time entertaining the public and raising money for charity as part of a barbershop chorus.

John Wallman
Wallman plans to celebrate his win with a holiday in the sun and possibly a new house.

For every EuroMillions line played, UK players automatically receive a EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker code entered into the draw.

Millionaire Maker guarantees to create a millionaire in every draw but in the special draw on March 25th 2022, 10 guaranteed UK millionaires were created and lucky John was one of them.

John said: “I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning and turned on my phone.

“A notification came up from the National Lottery app but I didn’t think anything of it until I sat down to breakfast later that morning. 

“I read the notification and it said I had won £1,000,000 but I didn’t really believe it.

“I called the National Lottery Line and even when I heard those words – ‘congratulations, you’re a winner’ – I just couldn’t take it in.

“My wife came downstairs and when she saw me in tears on the phone she thought I’d been scammed or that something bad had happened!”

“I have played The National Lottery since it started and I normally buy Lucky Dips through the National Lottery app but I also had another ticket I’d bought on a whim.

“I popped into the shop on my way to tell some family members about my win and won another fiver!”

Wallman’s great love is singing and he is part of Sweet Harmony Barbershop Chorus, a local group who regularly flex their vocal chords to raise funds for charity.

He added: “I find singing so liberating and I love performing with Sweet Harmony. We perform for all sorts of local groups and at events.

“All we ask is for a donation then at the end of each year everything we’ve raised is split between six nominated charities.”

Now that the news is sinking in, the first thing on Wallman’s agenda is to book a holiday in the sunshine.

He continued: “It’s been such a rollercoaster and I get emotional every time I talk about winning so I’ve not really had a chance to think about what I am going to do with the money.

“Booking a holiday, perhaps a cruise, is definitely the first thing though so we can relax, unwind and make some plans.

“A new house is on the cards too. In fact, that’s how I broke the news to my step-daughter.

“I said to her that we’d decided to move house. Oh and by the way I’ve won the lottery too! She didn’t believe me for quite some time!”

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